adopting is fun (youtube style!)

now you get to adopt a youtuber details inside!~


1. details

So welcome to my new story! So here's how this works you fill out this form:
 Name:________ (firtst and last)
 Apperance:_________________(hair, clothes, hieght, eyes)
 Type of parent: ___________________ (nice, mean, abucive Ect.)
 10 years from now:______________ (very important!)
 Where you live:__________________
 Youtuber you adopted: _______________ (Srry but i have cry!~ But you can do other versions of youtubers)
 Dating: _____________ (who you datin')
 Extras:_____________(anything i forgot)

 there it is! And yes I took Cry! But hey fill it out!~ also the youtubers are all 4 or 5 depends on my choice!

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