adopting is fun (youtube style!)

now you get to adopt a youtuber details inside!~


2. Bec!Here is your kid!

Ok so here is the first person i got!
Name: Rebecca Johnson
Age: 25 (I guess you mean when you adopt. XD)
Gender: Female
Personalilty: funny, a bit mental, caring
Appearance: Short Brown hair, green eyes with brown rings, 5ft 5, likes to wear jeans and youtube shirts.
Type of parent: kind and funny.
10 years from now: An actor and singer.
Where you live: America.
YouTuber you adopt: Toby Turner
Dating: Patrick Stump (lead singer of Fall Out Boy)
Extra: comes from a single parent family so want to give the child a good family.
Hope you will like it!
              As two people walked in to the almost new looking building and loud 'IMMA DOOR' chimmed through the building. The two people looked to be a couple. The boy was easily noticed as patrick Stump. But the girl was unknown. She had short brown hair with green eyes that had brown rings. She looked to be about 5"5. She had on jeans and a green shirt that had the youtube logo on it.
               Once the chime chimed a girl the same hieght a the other girl came in she had brown hair put into a pony tail with dull gray-green eyes behind black glasses. she was wearing a giant black sweater that reached her knees and a pair of yoga pants.
"Hi! Welcome to tube adoption house! What would you like?" They girl asked.
"We would like to adopt a child," The couple said in sync creepy.
"Ok! just follow me to the play ground!" The worker said.
          The worker took them through a hallway to a bright orange door that had blue writting written on the door in really messy writing you could read 'play world'. She opened the doorto show a mini roller coaster, slides, merry go rounds and a giant tv. As she opeed the door a bunch of kids looked at her and screamed ,"Lib!" and one screamed, "Mom!"
"Hey guys! We have some guests!" Lib said to the kidsthat slowly looked over to the couple.

 "Ok guys unlike normal adoption places I leave you to hang out with the kids so you can pick the one you want the more easy way to decide," Lib said to the couple.
"Hey mom can i get some apple juice?" the little boy with messy brown hair asked her.
"Yah just let me finish explaining to them what to do," Lib says picking up the little boy in her arms. "Ok so all you have to do is just hang out with these umpalumpas and just come tell me what one you would like," She explains. She then leaves the room and shuts the door.
-inside the room-
          The kids went back to whatever they were doing before.
"So now what," patrick asks the girl whitch our writer has realised her name is Rebacca.
"We hang out with kids!" Rebecca said already walking over to a little boy with short messy brown hair and bright green eyes. He was playing with a plastic diamond sword.
"Do you like my sword, sword?
Sword, my diamond sword, sword," The boy sung until the couple walked up to the boy.
"Hi! Whats your name?" Patrick asked the boy.
"Hello adience I'm Tobuscus," Tobuscus said to the two people.
"Oh and what are you doing with that sword?" Bec asked.
"I'm singing the diamond sword song!" Tobscus replied.
"Cool! Can we hang out with you?" They asked.
"Yeah!" Tobuscus said to the couple. Soon they were goofing off with Tobuscus.
-outside the room-
"Mom are they going to take some on from here?" The little boy asked.
"Maybe I'm not sure," Lib says to the little boy. She grabed two juice boxes and gave one to the boy.
"Ok, will you play with me?" The little boy asked.
"Sure Cry,"Lib said to the boy who is know as Cry. They then headed back to the play world room.
- inside the room-
          When Lib opened the door she saw the couple playing with Tobuscus. They were sing along to diamond sword.Cry draged Lib over to where a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes and green head phones. He looked up at the two as the came towards them.
"Hey Pewds my mom is going to play with us!" Cry says to the boy know as Pewds.
"Ok!" Pewds said.
"Just one second I want to check up on the guests," Lib says two the children. They nodded their heads. Lib than jogged up to the couple.
"How's it going over here?" Lib asked.
"I think we found the one," Bec replied.
"Ok just sign this form and you guys can bring him to your home," Lib said handing them a form and a pencil. She then left to go back to the two kids that were waiting for her to return.
        The form asked only their names, ages and if they had a crimanal record. Also it saked if the child agreed to coming with them. They filled out the form. The they asked tobuscus if he would like to live with them. He agreed but he asked if he could vist the adoption house again.
"Yup we will now let's say bye to everyone," The couple said to their new son.
They handed the form over to Lib who read it over and she then brought him to his room so they could pack up his clothes. Lib gave him the plastic diamond sword. They said bye to every one.
They got in the car and drove of to his new home.
-At the house-
        Bec and Patrick lead Tobuscus to his new room. It had green walls and a blue bed. There was a tv with some video games and a laptop. He put all of his stuff away except his diamond sword whitch he started swinging around.
-10 years later-
         Tobuscus is now 15 and has 3 youtube channels (Pretend thats when he started!!!!). His parents got a letter asking that they come to a pinic at the old adoption home. His dad Patrick Stimps is a singer for a band and his Mom Rebecca johnson is a Actor and Singer. They brought brownies for they picnic and they packed up everything they needed. Soon they where headed back to the adoption house.
     When they got their everyone that got a child from there was there.
"Welcome back eveyone! I would like to start this new tradition with a talent show!" Lib said
The picnic thing will be finished once I make it once I have more chapters! Hope you will join in!
Enjoy your story and bye come back soon!

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