adopting is fun (youtube style!)

now you get to adopt a youtuber details inside!~


4. Amy your kids are fighting again!!!

another one!Thank you everyone I can't belive i have 3 already!!!!!~~~
Name: amy ware
Age: hmmm... 26 cuz yolo
Gender: female
Appearence: longish brown hair, kind of chubby, brown eyes and slightly tall for my age, and I usually wear stripy tshirts and jeans.
Personality: childish and hyperrrr but caring
Type of parent: rly kind and nice
ten years from now: omgsinger
where you live: wales :3
Youtuber you adopted: ummmmmmm lol ian and anthony (can I has both?)
dating: Cant be bothered to have a boyfriend
extras: video game designing is my hobby

Today the door was not chimed because everyone was out side playing right in the front of the building. So when a girl with sorta long brown hair with brown eyes. She was kind a chubby but was tall for her age witch was guesssed to be 26. She came claded in jeans and orange striped t-shirt. Thats right claded it's still used these days!!!!!!
"Hi!" The chika said.
"Hey welcome and please explain how you people found thid because I have no clue how!" Lib said tired from running the adoption home all by her self.
"Errr.... The internet," The chikeda replied.
"Oh ok then so what's your name?" Lib asks.
"My names Amy and I would like to adopt kids," Amy said. Lib smiled up at Amy.
"Ok well just go where evr you want and come find me once you decided," Lib instructed Amy. Then Lib got up and walked over to the children to tell them another person came for a vist. She then told the children to do what ever they want.
Amy waled around to different groups. She stopped at two kids that where arguing over what looked like a ball..... a dora ball. The both had brown hair but one had dark brown and the other had light brown hair. The dark haired one had brown eyes and the one with light brown hair had blue eyes.
"No it's my ball!
"No it's mine!"
"Never it has my name on it!"
"Stop arguing over a ball!" Amy yelled at the kids.
The two boys looked up at Amy. Then they both ran up to her and starting tring to convince her that it was their ball. But when she got a closer look the ball had no name on it. Just a mustache on every picture of dora.
"You guys do realise there is no name right?" Amy says looking at the two boys that both had a shocked look on their faces.
"Ian! Anthony! I have your round throwing proectiles!" Lib screams from across the yard. The yard was just a baren place with one small tree. Soon to balls were heading at the two small children at dangerously high speeds. Then they connected with their face. They fell and landed on their backs. They got up two minutes later .... laughing. Once they were up again they asked Amy if they would like to play three square with them. Amy agreed and they played three square until snack time whitch was ice cream sandwitches. mmmmmmmmmmm ice cream.
"Hey so hows the choosing going?" Lib asked Amy.
"Oh I somewhat forgot about it but I'm pretty sure that I have," Amy says .
Lib just smiles and hands her the form.Amy takes it and fills it out. Then it's the hunt forthe children. Lib left Amy alone to go put the kids well most of the kids to a nap.
-with Lib-
"Mom will we ever see them again?" Cry asks.
"Yah don't worry they will vist no matter if they want to or not!" Lib says trying to reasure Cry even though no one has visted yet.
"Ok but can we vist them to?"
"Once your older sure,"
-with Amy-
Amy has been looking for Ian and Anthony for a awhile.She was sorta lost I mean come on the place has three floors and two elevaters. Also a giant slide from top to bottom.
"BOOOOO!" Ian and Anthony screamed as they jumped from behind a corner.
"Hey guys," Amy said.
"Would youlike to live withme?"
"Ok sign this,"
They signed and Lib appeared out of no where and told them to pack up. They came back down with their stuff. Lib handed them two pokemon dolls one pikachu and one metapod. Then they went into Amy's car towards their new home Wales.
-Amy's house-
Ian and Anthony shared a orange room. It had video games, computers and tv also beds.
-10 years later-
Today they were going to a picnic and they were bringing bread! I want bread! Amy became a singer. Ian and Anthony became Smosh!!!! They got to the picnic and were greeted by other people who adopted people.
"Welcome back eveyone! I would like to start this new tradition with a talent show!" Lib said.
Done!~ enjoy!~

Enjoy your story and bye come back soon!

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