Reasons for why people do what they do

Before anyone gets upset, this is purely opinions. I'm commenting on what people do and why they do it. Enjoy :)


5. Resons Why Homework Should Not Exist

Reasons Why Homework Should Not Exist


Honestly, homework is a colossal waste of time. We do enough work at school for our teachers and then, saving themselves another lesson to teach. I mean, really? Homework is so pointless. And everyone just copies and pastes from Wikipedia or something.

Personally, I think homework should be banned. Teachers assume we have nothing better to do with our lives apart from revise and do homework. For the record, WE DO! I struggle to fit homework in as it is with my netball and badminton.

It’s stupid and I think it should be taken away.


Anyways, tell me what you guys think. Comment, like, whatever. Thanks guys :)


Top comment :D

Homework is said to be intended to HELP. If teachers really and truthfully want to HELP they should STOP WASTING OUR TIME AND SAVE WORK FOR LESSONS!!!!!

Teachers use holidays which are MEANT TO BE A TIME FOR RELAXING AND A BREAK FROM WORK to give us MORE HOMEWORK because they say we have more time so it’s alright.

And they can’t even set homework ONLY on certain lessons decided by someone in the school, they have to give it every lesson!!!!!!!!!


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