Reasons for why people do what they do

Before anyone gets upset, this is purely opinions. I'm commenting on what people do and why they do it. Enjoy :)


2. Reasons Why Girls Wear Make-Up

Reasons Why Girls Wear Make-Up


I thought I'd start with a seemingly controversial subject. Remember, this is all opinions, not fact - although it could be?


Anyways, personally, I think girls wear make up because of insecurities. It's like a mask they can put on to hide themselves away from the rest of the word. It makes them feel safer. That's my personal view. And I'm not saying girls who don't wear make-up don't have insecurities. We do. Trust me. I don't wear make-up and I have A LOT of them.


There are, of course, like many things, good things about make-up though. Girls wear make-up because sometimes it makes them look prettier, which of course, is a good reason to wear it I suppose. But personally, I don't wear it because once you start wearing make-up, you can't stop and you begin to hate how you look without it and rely on make-up to make you constantly pretty. So, I came to the conclusion that when I want to wear make-up for a special night or whatever, I'm going to look better than girl who always wears make-up because no one has ever seen me with it.


Girls also wear make-up because it's a form of expression. The colours, types and styles of make-up define who we are. But seriously girls? That's what clothes are for! We don't need make-up to do that for us! There are hundreds of ways to express yourself. Do you really need your face to do it? Personally, I think going natural is better than wearing make-up.


I have proof too. My sister's boyfriend, who is 16, told me he thinks girls are prettier when they don't wear make-up. My sister does wear it but not excessively, which is fair enough. But it's ridiculous when people 'butter' it onto their faces, thinking it will make them look better. Let me just say 'It. Will. Not.'


Anyways, post comments below with your views cos I'd love to hear them :) The best argument or comment will get put on here too if that's what you want. Tell me what you think :)


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