Reasons for why people do what they do

Before anyone gets upset, this is purely opinions. I'm commenting on what people do and why they do it. Enjoy :)


3. Reasons Why Gays Should Be Allowed To Marry

Reasons Why Gays Should Be Allowed To Marry


Okay, this is the kind of subject that really pisses me off (excuse the language). I have a gay Aunt who is the most amazing person on this planet. She has a girlfriend called Deb who is equally brilliant and they love each other to pieces and adopted a little boy together. I'm so mad though because they've talked about marriage before and haven't got round to it yet and people have the nerve to say gays shouldn't marry. I don't understand why not?! If you met those two, you'd feel just like I do. They deserve to be able to commit too. They shouldn't only be able to have a civil partnership. I mean, it's just so wrong.


I was appalled when I went over to my Dad's parents house (Bibi and Don). The Johnson family are probably the most opinionated family you will ever meet in your entire life. We were sat down debating over whether or not gays should marry. Bibi and Don were just saying no. Most of the adults said no. ALL OF THE KIDS SAID YES?!!? This just proves that adults are stuck in the past. It's the 20th century, for the love of god! We have moved on from all the racist rubbish!


Bibi and Don think they shouldn't marry because the bible says marriage was to be between a man and a woman. I think that is just rubbish. Honestly, I am not religious and barely anyone who gets married is these days. So why does it exclude gays? I think they're reading into things a little too deeply. Whoever or whatever wrote the bible perhaps didn't mean for people to follow it word by word. The bible should not be able to judge things that are thousands of years after it.


I'm sorry if my opinion upsets anyone but honestly, I feel so strongly about this. Gays should have the same freaking rights as anyone else. My Aunt makes the best parent ever and should be able to devote herself to the woman she loves too. People in Britain honestly need to realize this needs to be accepted. We are moving past sexism (slowly) and racism (also slowly) and we need to freaking GROW UP. Gays should be allowed to marry. End of.


Well not end of because I'd love to hear your views on the subject :P Same goes for the last chapter. Best argument or comment will get posted under this so I'd love to hear what you have to say. Also, any suggestions for next topics would be appreciated :)

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