It’s 2016. Crime rules the city of Greenbrook. And our government is too caught up to care.

But when a mysterious hero turns up at a bank robbery, hope has come. In the name of Sketch.

One girl’s life gets pulled into an everlasting twister as she discovers who this mysterious hero is.

Two Intertwined Destinies
One Life To Change The World

© Playful52

(hey guys! this will take the place of Core. Get ready for some action, my friends!)


4. Chapter 4

Diego's feet thundered down the street. The only light there was in the dark was the street lights. The sky was pitch black, but just to be sure, he stayed concealed in the shadows of the trees and the buildings.

"If only it was this perfect when I wasn't going to possibly kill myself," he mumbled to himself softly. His heart was racing, and not just because he had been running for a good 10 minutes. The only sound he heard was his heavy breathing. "My life has probably just gone way downhill."

Diego winced at the air, feeling the throbbing burn of his head. He groaned. "If this does solve my little problem, I will be so happy I will die," he said sarcasticly to himself. His heart beat was  louder than a gunshot. "Don't slow down now. Wimp."
Helen Patrel hollered upstairs to her children. "Get up! Might want to see this on the news." Her husband, Aric Patrel, already was at the white marble dining table eating some oatmeal.

"What do you want us to watch?" Melody yawned and rubbed her eyes. Her mother gave her a look that said, "you'll see."

"This is channel 12 news, and I am Nella Gorden, here with some BREAKING NEWS. We'll go to Sam Allen at the Obama-Bolden National Bank to report."

"Hello, I'm Sam Allen. Breaking News is that a robbery was stopped here at Obama-Bolden National Bank. But not just by any person. It was a person with un-human, super-natural abilities," Sam combed back his blonde locks and continiued. "I'm here with a witness, named Tilly Weatherfield."

Tilly was a twenty-something year old girl, with crazy frizzy red hair and wild green eyes. "I was in the bank for the night shift, and this guy came in. He was all like, "Give my all the money you have or I'll shoot you," and I was all like, "Okay, okay! Don't hurt me!" Then, this person came in. They said, "Who do you think you are?"  I huddled in the corner. And they got into a big fight, I saw the person burst into flames, like, literatly!" The whole report continuted like that, with Tilly talking and Sam just standing back and watching her, with little interupption.

"That. Was. So. Cool!" Clint exclaimed, but Melody just sat there.  A hero, in Greenbrook?, she thought. No way.

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