It’s 2016. Crime rules the city of Greenbrook. And our government is too caught up to care.

But when a mysterious hero turns up at a bank robbery, hope has come. In the name of Sketch.

One girl’s life gets pulled into an everlasting twister as she discovers who this mysterious hero is.

Two Intertwined Destinies
One Life To Change The World

© Playful52

(hey guys! this will take the place of Core. Get ready for some action, my friends!)


3. Chapter 3

Melody walked into science class and sat next to July and Ally. They laughed about the funny videos about crazy pandas that July had sent them yesterday. "Alright students! Lets pay attention!" said Mrs. Nimbles, the very peppy science teacher. "Get with your partners and finish the experiment from yesterday. Melody, may I see you for a second?"

Melody looked back to her friends and gave a pout face, but went up to the teacher's desk."Yeah?"

Mrs. Nimbles looked up from her paper. "Melody, I'm switching your science partner."

"To who?" She tucked her hair behind her ear and started to tap her foot.

"Your new partner is the new boy. Diego." Melody wanted to do a facepalm just then. How couldn't she have known? "He needs to catch up so you will have to stay after-school and help him. Understood?"

"Yes." She said sullenly. The new kid was her partner?

"Thank you. Now please go get your stuff and move." Melody walked over to her old desk and sighed.

"What's wrong, MelaMore?" Ally said, using the silly nickname they made up in 5th grade. She let her head flop to the side, then whimpered.

"She switched my partners, AllBall."

"Who's your partner now?" July asked.

"Guess." Melody said, and walked away. She sat down in the desk next to the kid, or Diego, as the teacher called him.

"Apparently, I'm your new partner." Melody said, but he didn't answer her. "Hello? I just told you I'm your new partner. Does this ring any bells?"

Looking at him, Melody saw he was drawing, or writing, or something. "Are you catching up already? I'm supposed to help you. Don't just do that stuff on your own." Studying the thing Diego was writing in, she saw that it wasn't the science binder. To get him to pay attention, she pushed it off the desk.

"What the he-" he sputtered.

"llo! I've been trying to talk to you!" He gave her a annoyed glare.

"Well, you could have talked to me!" He took the writing thing and shoved it in the desk. Hard.

"What do you think I was doing?" She gave him a Duh face, and so he turned his body to face her.

"Shut up. Let's just get to work on this stupid stuff. The faster it gets done, the less we have to talk. Because I know you hate me for he-"

"Watch your mouth. Teachers are the only ones who can swear here." Melody interrupted.

"-ck knows why." She saw him clench his fists and turn around. Diego picked up a pencil. Crack, it went. "Do you have any pencils I can borrow? Freak, she thought.

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