It’s 2016. Crime rules the city of Greenbrook. And our government is too caught up to care.

But when a mysterious hero turns up at a bank robbery, hope has come. In the name of Sketch.

One girl’s life gets pulled into an everlasting twister as she discovers who this mysterious hero is.

Two Intertwined Destinies
One Life To Change The World

© Playful52

(hey guys! this will take the place of Core. Get ready for some action, my friends!)


2. Chapter 2

Diego Rivera openned his locker and watched his social studies book fall out. In the first day he was at his new school, he had felt like he lifted 7,000 lbs.

Well, that's what it felt like to him, anyway. But the only thing he really remembered the whole day was the girl's face. The one from homeroom. But he was distracted from his thoughts when a sense-less sixth grader came up to him.

"Hey! You! Look at me!" The kid poked at him like he was some wild animal. Or a freak. "Are you wearing contacts? Where did you get them?" Typical questions.

But it wasn't funny. "Clint!"

The girl from homeroom came barreling down the hallway. "Slow down!" called one of the teachers. Finally arriving before the boys, she clasped the 6th-Clint's mouth, dropping her papers in the process.

"OMGosh I'm so-" Seeing who it was, the girl just let her mouth hang open. Clearing her throat, she continuted. "Sorry. I'm so sorry." She started to yank Clint the 6th grader away when Diego decided to stop them.

"Here's the answer to your question. These aren't contacts." The girl pushed Clint away. She looked at him, with her dark green eyes. Some of her ash brown hair fell into her face, but she pushed it back forcefully. The girl dropped to the ground and began to collect the papers that had fell on the ground. "Need help?"

She looked at him. "I don't."

"You sure about that? Wouldn't want you to be late or anything." He went down on one knee and gathered up some papers.

"It doesn't matter," She replied sternly. "I'm late anyway." She ripped the papers out of his hands and ran off.

"You're welcome!" Diego shouted sarcasticly. If only she knew.

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