one direction falls in love with the band faith the five most talented and beautiful girls in the world, cassidy, hailey, liz, krystal, and riena


2. want to hang

after te walk of fame riena and krystal invited harry and liam to go to dinner with them. then louis zayn and niall invited hailey liz and cassidy to go to the beach. so they droped them off at there house to get there neon bikinies on and then they would be heading on there way. hailey had a neon lime green one on, liz had a neon blue one and cassidy a bright neon yellow. all the boys gasp in amazment when they saw us. they quickly shook there heads and started walking us to there private section in the beach. we started playing vollyball, girls against boys. well the girls were in the volly ball team when they were in high school so they beat the boys buts. unforunatly niall got a bloody nose so cassidy drove him to the docters office.


nialls pov

"ouch!!!!" i screamed when liz accidently hit me in the face hard when we were playing vollyball. i started bleeding alot so cassidy said that she would drive me to the docters office to see if it was broke and also stop the bleeding. the one good about it was that i was able to have some alone time with cassidy even though it was because of my bloody nose. it proboly wasnt a good time to make a move bt i decided to anyways. " ya doin?" i say to her. she starts to chuckle and says "good, but sense you have a bloody nose no making moves cause uts just weird...(laughing)...  "awww" i say as she starts laughing in a cute and flurty way.

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