one direction falls in love with the band faith the five most talented and beautiful girls in the world, cassidy, hailey, liz, krystal, and riena


1. walk of fame

no ones pov

it was the 2013 walk of fame and every musical band or singer was there like cher lloyd, one direction, faith and more. just in case you are wondering faith is one of the newist girls bands. they got the looks moves and voices. the are technacly the girl band of one direction. there is cassidy who is tall with blonde hair, she replicas niall, there is riena who is very shy and has brown hair, she replicas liam, there is liz who loves to draw and has dirty blonde hair, she replicas zayn, there is krystal who is very flirty and she has dark brown curly hair, she replicas harry, and last but not least there is hailey the funny one, she has red hair. she replicas louis. when the girls were walking down the red carpet the then saw one direction. they stopped to sign autographs when harry comes up and says hello to Krystal.  They instantly fall in love with each other when Harry calls to the other boys Krystal does the same. When we all meet up Krystal introduces us to Harry and the the other boys then Harry does the same. As the night goes on each and every one of them fall more and more in love with each other.  

Harry pov

once I saw her I stared right in to her hazel eyes. The way her eyes sparkled was just so beautiful like the stars on a summer night just like tonight. I just wanted to take her home and snuggle up with her in my bed at my flat. when krystal introduced hailey to louis his eyes opened so wide it looked like his eyes were going to fall out.when niall say cassidy he started to eat his 'just in case' snack because he was so nervous. and when liam saw riena and zayn saw liz the were frozen. later that  night at the walk of fame we all hung out. signing autographs taking pictures and stuff like that.


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