Flight 815

18 Year Old Savannah And Her Four Year Old Cousin,Mimi, Had A Family Crisis. Their Family Had Died In A Horrible Fire. Savannah, Being The Only One Left On The Will, Takes Care Of Mimi. Savannah Wants To Go On A Vacation To Get Mimi's (And Hers) Mind Off Of Their Family's Death. When They Board Flight 815 Savannah See's Harry Styles On The Plane. She Believes That He Is Full Of Himself. Half Way Through The Flight, The Plane Goes Down. Harry Wants To Get Close To Savannah, But She Believes That He Thinks He Can Get Wants And She Wants To Prove Him Wrong, But Harry Doesn't Think Like That. Can They Get Off The Island? And Can Savannah Not Fall In Love With Harry?


2. Chapter2

Me and Mimi arrived at the police station 10 minutes later. I quickly put a sundress over my bathing suit and got Mimi out of the car. I held her hand as we walked into the police station.

I kept getting calls from Jammie but I declined them. I ended up turning off my phone.

I walked up to the front desk. "Hi, I'm Savannah and the police said that they wanted to talk to me," I said to the secretary. The secretary looked up. She had blue eyes. Pretty ones and her hair was brown and as thin as a peice of paper. She looked back down and gave me a sticky note. "Just follow the directions," She said and picked up the ringing phone.

Mimi and I walked down a hallway and turned left. We walked in and there was a heavy set man sitting at his desk. "S. Healy." was on his desk as well as his name tag on his shirt. "You must be Savannah," He said taking his glasses off. "Yes." I smiled and took a seat.

"Savannah, Your family was all in your grandmothers house when this happened." I nodded my head. "Do you know who?" He asked. "Uhm, my grandma, grandpa, mom, brother, both my aunts, two of my uncles and three of my cousins. So basically all of my family that I actually know. The rest of my family I have no idea where they are," The police officer wrote that down. "Do you know how they were killed? And will I have to go to court or anything?" I asked. "Was mommy killed Sassy?" Mimi asked. Shit. I forgot she was in the fucking room. I'm so stupid. I just looked down at her with my mouth open. only sounds were coming out of my mouth. How was I supposed to tell a 4 year old her mother died?

"No I do not know how it happened. And yes. You are on the will to take care of Mimi since you are 18. You will also have to go to court so the judge knows you weren't at the house when this happened," Officer Healy said. "Okay. And the court date is," I asked. "In one week." He asnwered. "We will notify you what time it is," He continued. "Okay thank you," I said. I got up and grabbed Mimi's hand.

"Sassy! Who got killed?" Mimi asked me.

I needed to find a way to tell her and fast.

**Author's note!!

Thanks for reading this! I think It's boring so could I have your feed back? Thanks! Love you! You're all gorgeous!!!

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