Love With Lies

For be safe and sound, when you're famous, sometimes you have to lie, and some people have to lie for you.


1. 1 step.

I was bound in my dreams until i felt that someone licked my face and is my dog, i hate when my dog do that, but is so adorable, so i don't say anything.

And suddenly someone opened the door to my room, and is my mother ''Samantha, you're awake? don' forget that your dad and i travel today and already started your holiday, get changed and come to breackfast'' smiling  came out of my room and left me alone thinking that would make this vacation, alone with nuddles, i wrapped it in my thoughts.. then i get out of bed, i change my chlothes, i comb my hair, brush my teeth and low.

On the kitchen table was my dad, my mom and my nona ((she's ike my second mother, she's always there for me)) smelled delicious, so i ask ''what is breakfast?'' My nona told me '' Your favorite: eggs, toast and some fruits'' damn i love her, she knows everything about me...

And my dad start to say ''Your mom and i today we start our travel all around the word'' trying not be sad because they left me alone. Beggining to mourn my mama told me ''you're 18 years, we know that you are responsible, so we take the desicion of let you do whatever you want on this vacation, you don't need tell us you want do.. we will give you a credit card and we want you to use it responsibly, we already have to go, our stuff are ready in the car'' And she began to mourn.

I do not what to say, until i had words when they where about to go. ''Mom, Dad, don't you worry i'll be fine, i hope you enjoy this trip, take care andi love them'' i try not to mourn but it was inevitable.

My mom and dad both hugged me and gave me a kiss on the forehead, and give me the credit card, got in the car, when the car beggan to move.. They told me '' i love you'' and i with a big smile on my face, i returned to my house, into my room and i started to pack my bags because this holiday would be a extreme vacation.

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