Just For You and Only You

My name is Ellie (but my friends call me Els.) My girl friends and I are finally going on holiday with NO parents! Finally i've been waiting for this day for the whole of senior year. It's just gunna be me, Ally, Cathrine, and last but not least Kyra and NO BOYS! But this all changes when Ellie meets someone new...


2. Chapter 2


Ellie's P.O.V


                        I woke up to the sound of the door bell. Then I realised it must be the girls! I ran down the stairs sliding into the wall tha was infront of the staircase, and slid to the door to greet them.

"Ally, Cathrine, Kyra your here" I trilled. They excitedly pulled me into a hug and started to jump up and down.

"I am SOOOOO Excited!" Kyra screamed, this was the loudest we've ever heard her. She was usally the quiet one of the group. But she wasn't very shy. She held herself very confidently. I broke out of the hug. "I'm just gonna have a shower and get changed, you can watch some t.v while I do." I said while running up the stairs.


Kyra's P.O.V


                        I have known Ellie since we were 4, and been bestfriends ever since. I was so excited to get to go on holiday with all the girls and get away from boy troubles. 

"I'm just gonna have a shower and get changed, you can watch some t.v while I do." Ellie squealed excitedly as she ran up the stairs missing every other one. 

I walked into the sitting room finding Ally and Cathrine already there hogging the sofa. They were watching some wierd reality t.v show, that I wasn't intrested in. I walked around her house looking at pictures. 

"Hey I remember that..." I said thinking aloud. It was on her 14th birthday party, the day before we had a fall out. I had chucked every picture of her that was in my house because I was angry at her. I can't remember why though.


"Yeah, it was the day before our fall out.." I jumped at the sound of Ellies voice. She smiled at me.

"I can't even remember why we fought." I explained.

"Me either, anyway we're best friends now almost like sisters and we are going on HOLIDAY!" She belowed in my ear. And we both burst out laughing.

"Hey guys the taxis here!" Cathrince chimed, we grabbed our suitcases and ran out the door. As we settled in the taxi we were babling on about what we were going to do there.

"Wait..... Els do you have the plance tickets?"  I quiestioned her a little worrid.

"Yes, calm down no need to stress, I have everything under control." She calmed me down and to be honest I was a little nervous of this trip since there was no one responsible in this group. Although Ellie is fairly responsible. 



Ellies P.O.V


                                       I could sense that Kyra was a little worried about the trip but I calmed her down. As for the other two they couldn't sit still the whole ride there. 

We arrived at the airport and checked in our luggage that we weren't taking on the plane with us and went through security. 

Security took a while I'm not exactly sure but there seemed to be a big comotion going on in front of us.

Once we got through, we went around all the shops before we sat down at our gate.  We all got some breakfast and coffee and some tea at starbucks. We ate our breakfast there but took our beverages on the go. 

We got to our gate. For some reason there weren't much people, but there were a few men in black who looked big and beefy. You wouldn't want to mess around with them.

We sat down near the window so we could see if the plane was coming in. 

Ding Dong.

"We are sorry to announce that the plane B21 going to Spain has been delayed by 6 hours. We are extremly sorry." 

The voice on the over head speakers in the airport said. I looked around the group I could tell they were all dissapointed. But 6 hourse that was ridiculous! 



Harrys P.O.V


                                      Ugh. 6 hours. How was I supposed to wait that long? I looked around at the group they were all disappointed.

"What are we going to do now?" Louis complained. 

"I dunno. I guess we could look around the shops for now i guess. Or we can mess around and play a game." Zayn answered him. I was very bored.

"Yeah why don't we play a game?" I said finally responding "But what?" We all shrugged. We couldn't go anywhere wth our security, and getting noticed. 

"Lets play truth or dare.... but with out the truth thats boring." Niall smiled. We all agreed. 

"So Louis you can go first...  I dare you to go over to that shop and by a red bra." Zayn said, we all laughed and Louis turned red. 

"Ok I'll do it. Cover me." Louis said as he sneaked over to the shop that selled the red bra that we told him to get. We all tried to act normal but it was impossible not to laugh.

People started to stare at us. Thinking we were a complete bunch of wierdos. 

We all focused back on Louis who was now at the counter buying the red bra. He came back at us his face was still red.

"There I did it!" I yelled trying to act angry.

"Ok Harry your turn." Louis said. I was a little bit nervous when I saw him look around the room. I noticed he spotted a group of girls in the corner laughing, a mischievous smile grew on his face.

"I dare you to go over to that girl with the dark brown wavy hair and give her this red bra!" I looked at him as if he were crazy. The rest of the boys burst out into fits of laughter. There was no way that I could do that it was way to embarrasing.

"Come Haz, its a dare you've got to do it!" Niall said trying to sound serious through the fits of laughter.

This was so embarrasing. I picked up the bra and the boys laughed harder looking in my direciton.



Ellies P.O.V 


                                      I heard lots of laughter coming from the otherside of the room, I didn't turn around just in case they were laughing  at me! I looked at Cathrine, she was giggling slightly and pointed behind me. I wondered what she was pointing at when I saw Harry Styles THE Harry Styles behind me, I mean I like their songs and their good looking but I'm not a major fan. 

"Here have this." Harry said as he was holding a bright red bra in front of me. I didn't know what to say, but the boys behind him, I'm guessing here were the rest of the band were in fits of laughter. Harry was bright red.

"Um... No thanks." I replied cautiously. I can feel blood rushing to my cheeks.



Harrys P.O.V



                                    When I held out the bra, I saw the girls face went bright red. She was so cute. I loved her bluey, green eyes they were interesting to look into. And she was naturally beautiful. 

"Um... No thanks." She replied, I was in lost in her beautiful eyes, when I noticed that she replied. I started walking back to the boys who were still laughing their heads of. 

"Wait" I heard her say. "Why do you have a bra, and giving it to me?" She questioned me, I heard a little giggle spill out of her mouth.

"Um...." Was all I could reply with. Wow this was a whole new me! I have never been out of words in front of a girl before. I'm usually full of pick up lines. This was different.

"Do you want it?" I finally said after stuttering for a while.

"Umm... I'd rather not." She said. But her friend interupted her, I'll take it. I gave her a confused look.

"What? Why waste a good bra huh?" All the girls laughed. Including me. I gave the girl the bra. And stood there for a while. I turned back to the girl with the gorgeous eyes and beautiful wavy hair. 

"So what's your name?" I asked the girl. 

"Ellie, but my friends all call me Els." She replied happily. I loved her smile, it took me to another planet. 

"And this is Kyra, Cathrine and Ally, who took the bra." She continued and out a small giggle.

"Well Ellie it was nice meeting you and your friends." I said goodbye and walked away. Once I got back to the boys, there was a big smile plastered to my face.

"Why are you so happy Styles?" Liam questioned. I just smiled.

"I think i'm in love!" I said dreamily the boys all chuckled. But I will never see her again. Ugh i should have asked for her number!


Ding Dong

"Attention, attention ladies and gentlemen. We have news from the flight B21 to Spain. The plane will arrive in a couple of minutes. Thank you for your patiance."  

Yes! Finally we get to start the real adventure! Everyone was starting to que up to board the plane, even the girl Ellie and her friends were walking over to wait. 

We were in line. As I saw her coming my stomach did backflips, front flips all type of flips. I guess Louis might have seen me starring at her.

"Wow, shes hot, no wonder your starring at her." Louis said with a cheeky smile. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. She was like an angel, the way she talked, the way she giggled, the way she walked. I was falling for her and hard!









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