Just For You and Only You

My name is Ellie (but my friends call me Els.) My girl friends and I are finally going on holiday with NO parents! Finally i've been waiting for this day for the whole of senior year. It's just gunna be me, Ally, Cathrine, and last but not least Kyra and NO BOYS! But this all changes when Ellie meets someone new...


1. Chapter 1


                   Ellie's P.O.V



                        'Beep Beep Beep Beep' I heard my alarm going off in the background. As I was reaching over to press snooze I fell in a giant heap on the floor, and while I was at it I bumped my head. Great! 

'Beep Beep Beep Beep' My alarm carried on as I was picking myself off of the floor.

'BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!' It was as if my alarm clock was screaming at me. 

"Alright I'm up, I'm up!" I yelled back at it. I turned the alarm off, realizing that today was the last day off school and tomorrow my friends and I will be getting on a plane going to Spain! I jumped up and checked the time to see if there was enough time to take a shower (I want to be fresh for graduation) I ran to the bathroom, stripped and turned on the hot steamy water. 

"To hot, to hot!" I shrieked. While jumping up and down. Once I got out I ran back to my room to pick some graduation clothes. Which was a cute, fitted floral dress which went perfectly with my greeny, bluey coloured eyes and dark brown hair. I got dressed deciding that I will let my hair go natural for the time bing and ran down stairs all most tripping on every step. I slid into the kitchen where my dad and brother were. 

"What's the big rush pumpkin?" My dad asked me with a confused expresion. 

"Yeah pumpkin what's the big rush?" My brother copied my dad. I gave him a death glare then looked back at dad. "It's Graduation today!" I tried to keep my excitement down but obviously failed. My brother snarled at this. My dad looked at him with the same death glare I had given Max (my bro) 

"Oh pumpkin, I'm sorry but I have to go on a buisness trip and won't be back until in two weeks." My dad said sympathetically. "But what about the trip me and the girls are going on, you said that you will drive us to the airport and wave bye?" I questioned feeling slightly sad for myself.

"I'll call a taxi for you, ok, but I am sorry." My dad said while calling the taxi compay. 


Great. Well at least I get to go on this trip in the first place. My dad was still trying to get ahold of the taxi company while I got myself some tea and cereal. I needed caffine, but I make a very mean coffee, literally. Every time I make coffee I put way to many coffee beans in and it ends up way to strong. So I stick with my tea instead. 

My dad got off the phone. "There will be a taxi to pick you and the girls up at 10 o'clock" My dad explained. I nodded in agreement. My dad and I got into his car and he dropped me off at school.

"I really am sorry for not being here , but your mother and I are very proud." I forced a smile in his direction. And if you were wondering my mother died when I was 12 from cancer. 

I smiled at him and waved goodbye as he drove off. I walked over to find a big white tent, were graduation was going to be held then a bunch of squealing girlies came running over.

"Hi!" Ally, and Cathrine said almost sycronised. "Hi" I replied. "Excited for the trip tomorrow?" I said jumping up and down in excitement. "YES!" They said sycronised again and this time Kyra joined in. We all laughed at each other jumping up and down. Boy we must have looked like a bunch of girls on drugs. :/ 


Skip Graduation--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


After graduation I said by to my friends who weren't coiming on the trip and said see you soon to the ones who were! I am sooo excited. I took the bus home, and ran inside the house to find a note left on the coffee table...


Dear Els,

Have fun on your trip, be safe. Max has gone to stay at his friends house. So 

your home alone right now. Don't forget to pack and get up tomorrow.

Love from

Dad xxx


I put the note back down and started to pack some last minute things, then made myself some toast and watched a movie. Once the movie was finished I decide I might as well go to sleep, as I have got to get up early and I was tired from all the excitement. But I just found that I was way to excited to sleep so I starred up at my cieling, soon feeling my eye lids grow heavier, the I was asleep.


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