the man with no past

It's holloween night, four school kids discover a haunted mansion and begin to explore inside.


1. the haunted house

"Shannon you're such a chicken!" Benjamin insulted as they approached the withered, rotten, abandoned,mansion.                                                                                                                                                             "N-n-no I'm not, I just don't think t-that this is a very g-good idea,"Shannon stuttered.                                

It was nine O' clock at night, holloween night. The forest that surounded the mansion, was silent. Everything was silent. occasionally a gust of wind blew through the hazel trees and made the dry leaves tumble to the floor like dying soldiers in a battle. The only light was coming from the moon, which was partly covered,grey,thick,cloud.                                                                                                                                                 "Well come on then," Olivia grabbed her arm and pushed her further foward to the house. She looked rather frightening in the dark, her dyed black hair was drooping down at the side of her face. Her gothic make-up was enough to make you tremble.

"P-p-please, I think that w-we should go back," Shannon's bones were shivering, but she didn't know if she was cold or nodded in agreement behind him. "R-right.. okay, I'll go in."

As they trod oscared. "Oh just come, or we'll tell everyone at school that you were scared." Sam teased, as Benjamin and Olivia n the grassy path that lead them to the front door, Shannon stared up at the house.        

The top right window was smashed, the curtains in every window were torn, ripped, and dirty. The house wasn't made of brick or concrete, but planks of old wood. "Hello!" Sam nocked on the front door hardly. "Sam, stop it, y-you might b-break it, its only w-eak wood," Shannon gulped loudly, much louder than anticipated. There was no answer. "Move Sam! I'm gonna go in!" Olivia tugged the neck of Sam's collar and kicked open the door, it came down with a high pitched creak. dust flew up into the air and slowly came back down like ghosts rising from the grave and being swept back in. Olivia stepped into the dark and gloomy hall. A chandelier tinkled when the wind blew soflty through the window from upstairs. On the other side of the hall was a long staircase, and to the sides of the ballroom were four doors. One was open.                                                                                                                                                                      

"I'm going upstairs," Olivia announced.                                                                                                       

"well I'm going to see what's in that room there,"                                                                                           

"And I'll explore the room with the open door,"                                                                                              

"I-I think t-t-that I'm just going t-to stay.... h-here, b-by the door." Shannon really did not want to be there. She watched them dissapear, alone, no one to watch their back. A tear rolled down her cheek, she wished she was home, with her family. She was always jolting her head so she could see every part of the ballroom. Suddenly, there came a scream, a scream coming from Olivia. A shudder ran up Shannon's back, what should she do. "Shannon! Please! Heeelp! Help me now!" Then she heard Olivia burst out crying. "Please! Shannon! Help me!" Shannon tried to edge her way foward, further into the hall. she couldn't see a thing, anything could jump out at her at any second. She started to sweat, she couldn't move from the fear that surrounded her. "Now! Please!" Olivia was now crying so much that it made Shannon run. not out of the door. But up the stairs.                                                                  

"Olivia?Olivia? w-w-w-where are you? Are y-you in here?" Shannon opened a door  to find her friend curled up in a ball in the corner of the room, pointing to a wardrobe. "D-do you want m-me, to open it?" Olivia nodded. Fearfully, Shannon grasped the handle the the wardobe and turned.                                            


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