There Is Always Hope

Lilah is a 19 year old, who sings and plays piano with her band mates at various clubs and cafes, she has a good life now but 4 years ago when she was 15 tragedy tore her apart leaving her broken, the last words she ever said to her father were "there is always hope".

When Harry entered her life a year later he helped her feel happy again, but that changed before he went on x-factor when they had a fight, they havent talked since.


7. The Gig

Right as I walk into the coffee shop I spy my Marie and my work friends Jess, Mike and Josh. Jess is just stunning i can get jelous of her sometimes, Mike is relatively good looking in my personal opinion.
And then there is Josh, black haired, tanned, hot singing Josh. Wow he is a lady killer and h just happens to be my boy friend!
HAI DERE LIH! You look fabulous!" Jess shouts from behind the counter, she doesn't work as the bartender,we are allowed to go behind there and grab our drinks since we perform there frequently along with a couple of other joints.

"Thanks Jess you look amazing as usual! You do too Marie!" I run towards them and give them a massive hug.
Then Mike and Josh come towards me, Mike (as usual) Commes towards me with open arms and gives me a giant bear hug while Josh hugs me from behind then gives me a small kiss.
"So how has your day been guys? Better than mine I hope". They would have more exciting lives than me. "Me and Marie went and checked out cute guys at the dance club before we got here, the bouncer was soooooooo cute i asked him for his number" Jess continued talking about the 'cute bouncer' to Mike while Marie, Josh and I went on about our day.

I get our queue to go onstage by the MC. "Guys we are up". This gets more exciting every time I go up! "And I am proud to welcome to the stage our performers, most of you will know Lilah, Josh, Mike, Marie and Jess who are known as Standard give them around of applause!". As we hear the crowd applaude I get reminded of the first time I ever got onstage with these guys.

The MC passes me the Mic. "Hey guys whats up?"The audience chatter and applaude. I see some people in the back I thought I reckognised but I couldn't see their faces so i forgot about them.
"Okay so tonight our first performance will be Me, Abby and Jess singing Beautiful by Christina Aguilera,then Mike and Josh will sing Sympathy by the Goo Goo Dolls, I hope you enjoy".

​In this song I am always the soloist and that was also the same case tonight.
So I started singing and everyone started cheering. Half way through the first verse the audience start singing along which took a bit of pressure off me, but I still noticed the people at the back were the only ones who weren't singing along.

After our song finished and Mike and Josh went to sing I talked to Jess.
"Hey Jess, did you see those people in the back?" I hope she did.
"Yeah i did, why??" Why??????? "Well they seem familiar and they weren't singing along". Might be just my imagination.
"I wouldn't worry about it, there is no point in fussing about that". Yeah she has a point. It was time for us to get back on stage while the audience was clapping, we did a couple more songs including Halo by Beyonce and then we all came onstage for the final song.
"Alright this last song we will be performing for you guys will be from John Meyer called Waiting On The World To Change with our very own Josh on guitar and Chris Walter on drums so here we go!". Abby called out through the microphone happily.

So the song started and Mike sang first, then at the chorus we all sang, while Josh sang the second verse then us girls did our own made up part of the song. next the chorus again and after about three minutes the song was finished.
While the audience was giving applause I looked down at the people at the very back and froze.
Right there clapping for my performance was the one and only Harry Styles, along with the rest of One Direction but the only one i could notice was Harry....

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