There Is Always Hope

Lilah is a 19 year old, who sings and plays piano with her band mates at various clubs and cafes, she has a good life now but 4 years ago when she was 15 tragedy tore her apart leaving her broken, the last words she ever said to her father were "there is always hope".

When Harry entered her life a year later he helped her feel happy again, but that changed before he went on x-factor when they had a fight, they havent talked since.


10. One Direction In My Classroom

I can call a tow truck, wait there". I run into the classroom and tell Marie.
"I'll take care of the class for now go". She pushes me back out with my phone in my hand.
"Yep... Okay thankyou!" The call ends "The tow truck will be here in half an hour, they are busy at the moment". The five boy nod their heads in response. "Now why don't you guys come in and meet the class?" Again they nod their heads and the second they walk in you can hear screaming. Not a surprise!
"Hey girls!" Louis half yells walking up to them and hugs each one of them. The looks on those girls faces were priceless, one of them looked like they were about to faint!
"Who wants to sing some songs?" Niall asks grabbing a guitar with a small group of girls coming to sit around him.
I decide that i dont want to be around everyone at the moment at go to the piano room and i just sit there doing nothing.
"Great.. Just great". I mumble with my fingers lingering on the piano keys.
"You don't hate me that much do you?" I hear someone ask, only to find out - as I turned around - that it was Harry. I sigh and turn back to the piano and start to play my cover of Tintanium, that is one of my favourite songs.

Stone hard, machine guns, firing at the ones who run
stone hard, with those bullet-proof vests
Shoot me down but I wont fall, I am titanium
shot me down but I wont fall, I am titanium.
I am titanium.

I turn around to see him wide eyed and mouth open.
"I didn't know you could play piano?" He says.
"Hey! Theres alot you don't know about me Styles". I say walking out with a big smile on my face using all my sass.
I praise myself for my sassiness in that instant, atleast I am capable of being HALF as sassy as Lou.
"Hang on!" Harry yells yells running to me "Yes Harold?". He has a nervous expression on his face.
"I was wondering, I know we had a fallling out and you probably hate me but can we be friends again?" He asks fiddling with his bracelet.
I ruffle his hair "You are so funny Haroold, yeah why wouldn't we?" I say bringing a smile to his face.
"Lets get back to the class Harry they will be wondering where I am". Pulling him back into the class.
Once I get back in Niall grabs me and whispers in my ear
"You know Harry still likes you right Lilah". I blush "We'll see what happens Nialler". I run over to join Louis and Zayn do the macarena.

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