There Is Always Hope

Lilah is a 19 year old, who sings and plays piano with her band mates at various clubs and cafes, she has a good life now but 4 years ago when she was 15 tragedy tore her apart leaving her broken, the last words she ever said to her father were "there is always hope".

When Harry entered her life a year later he helped her feel happy again, but that changed before he went on x-factor when they had a fight, they havent talked since.


17. I Love You More

Harry's P.O.V
"I love you more Lilah" I manage a smile, she giggles "I highly doubt that". She replies kissing me again.
"Well I certainly don't want to go back there, what about you?" I ask her smirking.
"Wipe that smirk off your face Styles...... And no I don't" She sits down "I would rather sit here and enjoy the view". I laugh.
"What view me or that lake?". I ask still smirking. Lilah laughs.
"hmmm both". She smiles that wonderfull smile of hers, no wonder I fell for her.
"Wll you now consider becoming my girlfriend??" I ask. She turns away for a second before looking at me again with a half smile.
"Give me a bit more time". She then rests her head on my shoulder.
I swear this girl is trying to annoy me..

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