There Is Always Hope

Lilah is a 19 year old, who sings and plays piano with her band mates at various clubs and cafes, she has a good life now but 4 years ago when she was 15 tragedy tore her apart leaving her broken, the last words she ever said to her father were "there is always hope".

When Harry entered her life a year later he helped her feel happy again, but that changed before he went on x-factor when they had a fight, they havent talked since.


14. Don't Mess With Me On This!

Harry's P.O.V
She looks so beautiful lying there I wish I could kiss her.
Wow Harry perv on your best friend much..
"Guys I know let's watch a movie!" Niall squeals and Lilah shoots up, gets off the couch and goes to the front of the lounge.
"Right I have a movie and you guys don't mess with me on this!". She raises her hands up smiling.
"WHAT IS IT?" Louis shouts.
"Madagascar two!" She jumps and claps. "YES GIRL I LOVE THAT MOVIE OHMYGOD!" Louis shouts again.
Everyone else nods in acceptance.
"Harry, do you want to watch it?" She asks. "Yeah alright". I laugh
"Yay! I'll go make some popcorn, come with me Haz!". I go into the kitchen with her.
"So Lih how are you and your boyfriend going?" The instant I say this her smile is gone.
"Josh? I haven't seen him for a whole week.." She sniffs "I don't ever really I don''t know if he's cheating on me or getting drunk or both.." She starts to cry.
"I'm sorry I shouldn't have said anything..." I apologise.
She shakes her head "No it's fine I am actually glad I got to tell someone". She lightly smiles.
"Hey lets finish making this popcorn?" She continues making popcorn.

*Lilah's P.O.V*
I never know what Josh is doing, the only time I see him is when I have gigs, that's it.
The thing is he has cheated on me several times.. but I just can't seem to leave him.
Suddenly I hear the doorbell. I run to open it and standing there are Marie, Mike and Jess (who are drenced might I add).
"Guys what's going on?" I ask and Mike speaks up.
"Lilah... We think you should see this" Jess holds up her phone and shows me a video of a very drunk Josh. Surrounded by girls simultaneously making out with them.

"what about your girlfriend babe?" The blonde one asks him "Don't worry girls I don't like her at all, I never even loved her". one of the girls giggles. "I'm only with her because shes hot and has a nice ass".

I never even loved her
I never even loved her
I never even loved her
I never even loved her.

This kept repeating itself in my head.

I can't believe it.. He never loved me?

"When did you film this?" I choke out.
"We all went to the club". Marie says "We were going to invite you but I remembered you invited the boys to dinner so..". She looks away tears filling her eyes.
"Marie why are you crying?" I ask "Because you are crying..." I hug her and we cry together.
"what's going on?" Harry asks running up to the door.
Marie shows him the video.
"That son of a bitch.." He hugs me. Not doing anything.
"Speaking of son of a bitch look who's here". Jess hisses pointing to a car parking out the front of my house. Josh gets out of the car.
"Lilah I can explain!". "EXPLAIN WHAT JSOH YOU ARE SUCH A PRICK!" I run inside the house into the kitchen. Able to hear the conversation taking place outside.
"Look mate I think you better leave!". Harry yells at Josh.
Seconds later Jess, Marie and Mike wander in to the kitchen.
"What's going on out there?" I ask "Nothing, Harry just slammed the door in Josh's face". Mike replies.
"Well since you guys are here you can dry up in the bathroom and stay for the movie". They nod.
"What can we wear?" Jess asks. "You guys can wear some of my clothes for the time being". Harry walks in.
"Hey! what about me?" Mike frowns. "Don't worry I brought a change of clothes you can wear" Harry tells Mike. "Thanks man". he replies.
"umm.. Harry? Why do you have an extra pair of clothes?" He laughs "Well I thought we were going to have a food fight but I guess not".

i chuckle. "Typical".    
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