There Is Always Hope

Lilah is a 19 year old, who sings and plays piano with her band mates at various clubs and cafes, she has a good life now but 4 years ago when she was 15 tragedy tore her apart leaving her broken, the last words she ever said to her father were "there is always hope".

When Harry entered her life a year later he helped her feel happy again, but that changed before he went on x-factor when they had a fight, they havent talked since.


12. Dinner

Harry;s P.O.V
Tonight the boys and I are having dinner at Lilah's, and I am really nervous.
I am nervous because I will be EATING DINNER WITH HER.
I haven't hung out with her for 3 years for fuck sake! And I don't think her mum and sister exactly like me, atleast I hope they do.
"Harry? Harry!" Nialls yelling interrupting my thoughts. I push him "I waas thinking you idiot!!" He laughs.
"I know who you were thinking about!". I stick my tongue out at him.
"Shut up Niall". "Don't go drooling okay?!" Hearing enough I walk off to get a drink.

That kid thought it was obvious, the guys think it is obvious..

Maybe I do love her..


Lilah's P.O.V
"Sarah I am seriously dying!" she pats me on the back.
"Seriously calm down!!!". NO "It's just dinner Lih!" She laughs. "Exactly!" I shout back to her fixing my hair in the mirror. need to look absolutely perfect when the boys come.. Seriously! I don't want to look like a freaking caveman!
I sigh when I realise there isn't much more I can do with my hair I go and get dinner ready.

I always cook and I mean ALWAYS.
I even cook more than mom doesbut I reckon she loves it because she can be more lazy.
"Lilah why don't you let me cook and you go sit down?" Mum asks me while I start making lasagne.
"I'm fine, I don't mind cooking". She sighs.
"Alright, but don't push yourself too hard, you will run yourself into the ground". I don't reply and continue cooking.

When I am done I sit down and drink some water.
I made lasagne, pasta, salad and mini roast potatoes and for desert strawberry cheesecake, icecream and apple pie.
I should've listened to mom. I really shouldn't push myself too hard.
Just when I take a sip of my drink the bell rings.
"Ma! Sarah! they're here! Get downstairs". I open the door and I am greeted by the 5 boys with hugs.

Here we go.

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