One Direction: THE END

When people find out that One Direction's Zayn is going to be chucked out of the band; it goes viral. Zayn goes on a journey to find who he really is and along the way, he learns some important lessons.


2. The Plan

I got to Nando's at four thirty, so I ordered a drink for myself. I felt so angry at Simon. How could he do this? After all these years of trust... he lets me down completely. What happened to: "Zayn, I believe you."?

I sigh but then realise the boys have arrived and are walking this way. They've all definitely been crying about their decision. But I know I can't let them suffer.

"So you got the note?"Harry asks.


"Zayn, we won't go on without you,"Niall says.

"Actually that's what I really want to talk to you guys about. Just 'cos I got kicked out, doesn't mean you have to leave the band as well. You just need to keep going without me and I'll show Simon I can be in One Direction,"I tell them.

"But Zayn..."

"No this is something I will stand for. You have to go on without me. While you're busy doing that, I'll show him."

"But how?"Liam questions.

"How do singers show their emotions?"

"Um.. songs?"

"Yeah! Exactly! I'll write a really awesome song and... well hopefully he'll understand."

"There's Simon. You betta go,"Louis says.


I walk out of Nando's and take the train to the flat Perrie and I are sharing. When I get there, all the Little Mix girls are giving me a big hug which makes me feel kinda better. 

"So... we gonna get started on this song?"Jade says eagerly.

"Okay, sure! But how did you all know?"

"Liam texted us."


I laugh and we begin writing the song.

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