One Direction: THE END

When people find out that One Direction's Zayn is going to be chucked out of the band; it goes viral. Zayn goes on a journey to find who he really is and along the way, he learns some important lessons.


8. Simon's Secret

There are like more than a thousand people gathered outside. There are reporters, a TV crew, screaming girls and an angry Simon watching me intently. I stand on top of a table and Perrie whistles to get their attention. Everyone goes silent.


"Thank you everyone... for coming here. I'm so pleased you are supporting my campaign and I'm happy to say that I'm pretty sure we're winning this war. But what would you like to say, Simon? Would you like to tell them how you stole my song and that forced my band mates to sing it even though it was mine? Or how you kicked me out for no apparent reason? Or how about the note you gave me; would you like me to read it out?!"I say, half angry/half happy.


I watch him as he walks up silently to the stage. His face is grim and his eyes look weary and tired. I glare at him with hatred and anger. 

"We need to talk,"he mutters.

"There's nothing to hide, Simon. If you want to tell me... you can tell them as well,"I say firmly.

"Fine. Zayn you were kicked out because... because... Look I was trying to protect you!"he shouts.

"From what? Money? A career? Life?!"

"I wanted to protect you from... the news. You're the most sensitive member of One Direction and I knew you would take it badly. So I decided that if you hated me enough, the news wouldn't be too bad to take..."

"What news?"

"Harry's been offered a record deal. But the record people only want Harry. They want him to become a solo artist and he's said yes. It means... this is the end of One Direction. I'm sorry Zayn... I...".




"No way! I know there's more!"



"When I was younger I wanted to be a singer and I wasn't given the chance. My dad said singing was for girls and I was a man. I made the Xfactor so I could see talent in front of me... it made me happy. But Zayn you remind me of myself and I can't take it..."


All my questions are thrown out the window. So this is it?

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