One Direction: THE END

When people find out that One Direction's Zayn is going to be chucked out of the band; it goes viral. Zayn goes on a journey to find who he really is and along the way, he learns some important lessons.


5. Directioner Comes To The Rescue

I get the bus to Central London and while I'm on there I meet a girl who is obviously a directioner. She has a t-shirt, badges and even a One Direction bag. When she sees me she gasps and nearly screams but then she realises I need help.

"I'm Olivia,"she says.

"Hi Olivia."

"I suppose you saw the article, hey?"

"Yep. I can't believe they stole my song."

"Stole your song? Wait... you wrote the song: 'Just Believe'?"

"Yeah I did! They've stolen it and soared to number one and I got sent to an illegal prison!!!"

"Oh my gosh. This is not how I pictured it,"she says dramatically.


She pulls out a big, blue notepad and starts to jot some notes down. Then she hands it to me and starts explaining what to do.

"Since the news hit the fans that you were kicked out of the band, I have been doing my own little investigation. First investigation: Why would Simon want you out in the first place? Then the second investigation: Is there something weird going on with the boys?"she says.

"What do you mean; something weird going on with the boys?"I reply.

"Well... their Twitter pages have not been updated for weeks and recently Harry Styles turned down an interview about the new song and how they came up with it."

"So basically what you're getting at is... Simon might have made them do all of this stuff? Like steal the song and make a music video?"I say.

"That's exactly what I mean, Zayn."

"We have to find them and quick! Before this gets any worse."

Olivia rings the bell to get off the bus and we sprint off, into London.

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