One Direction: THE END

When people find out that One Direction's Zayn is going to be chucked out of the band; it goes viral. Zayn goes on a journey to find who he really is and along the way, he learns some important lessons.


9. Decisions To Be Made

"So this is all because... I remind you of you?" I say. "Pretty much." "Oh." I walk over to the window in the studio quietly. "I thought you hated me." "Zayn; I don't hate you. I hate me." I pull out my notepad and pass it to him. There are pages and pages of music and lyrics and I think he's impressed. "Why didn't you ever discuss these with the boys? Zayn, you have a real songwriting talent and you need to use it,"he tells me. He hands me a letter and looks back over his shoulder. "Open it. See you later." Dear One Direction, The Xfactor is a great success. We manage to make great pop singers like all of you. But my time on the show is done and I need to pass over the show to someone else. Xfactor is now yours. I don't need it anymore. You can choose judges and presenters and you start in three weeks. I wish you luck, Simon. I head outside and tell the other boys. Their faces light up with joy and we start discussing everything. That's when it goes wrong. "Harry should definitely be a judge." "Yeah." "No offence but why is it always Harry? Can't it be someone else for a change?" "What's that supposed to mean?" "Fine! You be a judge!" "UGH!" Soon enough we are all shouting and screaming and I feel so out of place. All of this Simon stuff has really affected us. I'm scared we'll never quite be the same. Maybe we will. But I don't think we will. "I'm done here,"I say. And off I go.
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