One Direction: THE END

When people find out that One Direction's Zayn is going to be chucked out of the band; it goes viral. Zayn goes on a journey to find who he really is and along the way, he learns some important lessons.


4. Could This Get Any Worse?!

I soon realise that this is no 'home'. It's like a prison. Children, teens and adults are locked up in smelly cells and left to themselves. How depressing is that?! And now it's my life too, I guess. I'm a prisoner with a depressing life. How could Simon let the world do this to me? What is he thinking? Why did he kick me out? 


When I'm locked in my cell, I try and keep calm. This is not legal... right? Someone will help me out; I'm sure of it. I wait an hour... two hours.. three hours.. five hours... ten hours... a day. No one comes. No one stays. There is silence everywhere.

I try to get to sleep in this cold, miserable place. But all I can hear is the distant sobbing of the little girl in the cell next to me. How dare they take her life away! How dare they... :(


In the morning, I'm let out of my cell and allowed to go into the social room. There are notepads, TV's and magazines in there. I pick up 'OK' magazine and read an article:


A day after Zayn Malik left the boy band (1D), they have made a new single called 'Just Believe'. It has now soared to number one in only two hours! It seems the boys are doing just fine without their ex-member after all. 

MAJOR GOSSIP: Little Mix were asked to feature in 'Just Believe' but refused because they said what had happened to Zayn was too upsetting and cruel. Perrie Edward says: "Simon Cowell is goin' crazy if he thinks he'll stop us doin' a fan war! We're gonna get all our Mixers and Directioners and get him back in the band!"


I close the magazine and stare at the magazine. How did they get a song so quick?

"Zayn!"a voice yells.

I turn around to see the little girl from the next girl. Her eyes are red and her hair is all messy.

"Your band is on the telly,"she tells me.

"Okay, let me see."

On the TV I see the boys dancing in a dark room with the spotlight on them. They're all wearing suits and ties and everything is in black and white to give a cool effect. And them to my absolute disgust I hear them singing my song! My song! The one I wrote with Little Mix! How could they betray me like this?


I sink back into my chair and throw a big jug of lemonade at the TV. It makes a weird sound and breaks down and I run out of the prison trying to find them. Trying to ask them what's going on and what's happening?

What is Simon doing to me? Wouldn't a directioner already be here if they cared?

What the world is going on?!

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