Forgetting you.

Louis and May were best friends that haved always loved each other. What happens when Louis goes on X-Factor and changes everything.


2. Chapter 2


When I came home dad sent me to my room and I got a text from May. Her dad had beat her again and she had asked what happened.

TO: MAY <3
Hey r u alright he hurts you 2 much i thought he was sober but im just grounded from going to parties but ya know i will sneak out meat me at sea green in 10. Lou ;) x



Ok see you then :) x

Now i had a shower and got dressed in red jeans and a blue and white stripped top my favorite. Then I checked my phone 9:48 it takes me 10 mins to get there so I headed off.


I snuck out. But Louis met me there just like he said. He always keeps his word. He is so perfect. Oh Shut up May you have a boyfriend Zane who loves you very much. As I was there I saw a guy that looked like zane snogging a girl until I realised it was actually Zane i'm not the person to get mad so I took a photo and walked to louis. "Lou can you buy me a coffe? He replied with a smirk. I knew he was going to pick 'The Notebook' since it was his favourite.


Hey guys i haven't been updating on 'Look at Us.' because i feel like its no good but yeah see you later! <3 xxxxxxx

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