Forgetting you.

Louis and May were best friends that haved always loved each other. What happens when Louis goes on X-Factor and changes everything.


1. Chapter 1


Once again i got into trouble at school. This time it was because of starting a food fight, i mean I wasn't hungry so why waste food? My best Friend Louis is also in massive trouble but it happens alot so we were suspended for 1 week. i didn't want to go home to my drunk father he abuses me and lives on achol and drugs. Nobody knows this Except Louis but we tell everything to each other like how his dad was addicted to smoking and had up to 3 packets a day. I have a little brother Alex  but he doesn't talk because my dad only stands for peace and quiet i know thats hard to believe but its true. So I faced it and waled in. "Sit down both of you." it sounded like there was dissapointment in his voice. "I know you two don't mean any harm but your both suspended and your dads are being called." "nooooo" me and louis said instintaly at the same time. As we did they walked in. For once my dad actually looked sober and well but i knew inside he was slowly wanting another million bears. He grabbed me along with Louis and louis dad just tooked louis off him and they went home. My dad was driving fine and as we got home he pushed me against the wall and slapped me hard across the face. I tried to keep the tears in as he tripped me over and kicked me repeatidly in my belly. Then he yelled at me and sent me to my room. I looked at my belly to see the brusies his formed I wanted to check on louis so i sent him a text.


Hey r alright? My dad beated me  and yelled at me non-stop. Well hope your doing better. Bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ;)


Hey guys hope you like it so far! My laptops gonna die so it's just some back ground info. Love you!!!!!

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