My name is Nat. These extremely weird things started to happen to me the day I turned sixteen. Turns out I have ghosts following me, set on ending me. I always seem to have thick fog following me too. Guess I'm not normal after all.

This is for the afterlife competition.


2. Chapter 1: The Beginning

I bolted awake. Sweat covering every inch of my forehead and making my dirty blonde hair damp. I looked at my alarm clock, it was half two in the morning. I curled back under my covers. I never sleep after those dreams, the thing is, and I get that dream every night. I don’t know why. My friend Beckah has this theory, she believes in ghosts and the afterlife, she thinks my mind is possessed.

I stayed in bed until it was light outside. I got up and got dressed into my school uniform. I looked in the mirror and pulled my dirty blonde hair into my signature pony tail and outlined my hazel eyes with black eyeliner. At that moment my Dad knocked on my bedroom door.

“Come in.” I called out to him. My Dad opened my door and walked in.

“Happy birthday!” He said happily. Then it hit me, I was sixteen today.

“Yay . . .” I said sarcastically, “Thanks.” My Dad had short brown hair and hazel eyes. I have his personality. My Mum? I never met her. She walked out after I was born to pursue some dream of hers. 

My Dad left my room after telling me to have breakfast. I followed him downstairs and shoved a slice of bread in the toaster. When I was little I always thought turning sixteen was some big thing, it isn’t really. I don’t even get a party, I have to wait until I’m eighteen for that. Dad said I can have Beckah over though.

“Nat?” Dad said as I put jam on my toast and ate it.

“Yup.” I said with toast still in my mouth, I have the manners of a monkey.

“Be careful today.” He warned me. I raised my eyebrows at him and shook my head. I swear he’s going crazy already. I picked up my school bag and left the house. I walked down the road and it became foggy.

I started to run. Foggy? It can’t be foggy. The fog is usually gone by this time of day. The fog was never ending, just like my dream. Were they telling me something?

I turned around and facing my biggest fear.

Yes, yes they were. 

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