What if I refuse

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  • Published: 14 May 2013
  • Updated: 14 May 2013
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Thousands of years in the future the world has been transformed. The ruthless System rule the planet. At age sixteen you are chosen for heaven or for hell. To make a perfect society, those chosen for Hell are killed and banished there, far away from the rest of the world. Once in Hell, you must fight to keep your humanity, although Hell has a way of turning you into a monster. But what if everyone there isn't evil. My name is Marina, and I was chosen to become a monster and stripped of my humanity. But what if I refuse.


2. The gates of hell

                 I awoke to the sound of screaming coming from not far. I was lying across a stone bed and the only light in the room came from a barred window high up on the wall. When I stared at it for a little bit longer I realized it was artificial light. I stood up and walked towards it. If I jumped I could just about see through it, all there was to see though was light. It was then I noticed that I was no longer wearing my old clothes. Instead I had black jeans, knee-length leather boots, a black t-shirt and a leather jacket. 

            I walked back to the stone bed and expected to cry. No tears came, in fact I couldn't feel anything at all. Footsteps coming towards me made me look up. A moment later I heard the jangle of keys in the lock. Then the door swung open revealing a young woman in a light blue gown. She was holding a tray which she set down in the doorway. She never once looked me in the eye. Just before she slammed the door shut on me, I peered beyond her and saw through the open door of the cell across from me, the blonde boy who was at my choosing ceremony. Then the door closed. I reached out and picked up the tray the girl had given me, there was some soup and and a jug of water. I picked up the water and was about to drink some when I saw my reflection in it. My eyes were bright gold.

         I gasped,dropping the jug where it shattered into thousands of pieces. I knew I shouldn't be so surprised, everyone sent to Hell had the color in their eyes changed although most people's were red or black and the occasional silver. Gold eyes are unheard of. I then picked up the bowl of soup and devoured it even though it tasted like dishwater. Who knew maybe it was. Once I was finished I rummaged through the pockets of my clothes, hoping for something of interest, but they were empty. I sighed and lay down on the stone bed. Even though it had to be the most uncomfortable thing I had ever been on I was still able to fall asleep.

        We must have been in some sort of vehicle because I was awoken by being flung off the stone bed and into the wall when it came to an abrupt halt. I picked myself up off the floor, groaning as a sharp pain sliced through my ankle. I hobbled towards the stone bed and took a look at it. It didn't look very bad, thank God. I put some weight on it and soon it felt good enough to walk on. I was caught by surprise at the sound of the door opening. I walked towards it, the doorway was empty so it must have been opened automatically. I instantly left the room and all the other prisoners appeared in the hallway. I saw the blonde boy and walked in his direction.

        "Do you know what's happening?" I asked him. He looked at me in surprise and then laughed.

"We're going to Hell that's what's happening." he replied. "I'm Jayce by the way."

"Marina," I replied.

  He opened his mouth to say something else but his words were drowned by a huge door at the other end of the corridor opening. Guards appeared and were shouting at us to go outside. The blonde boy grabbed my arm and pulled me through the crowd and outside. And there before us stood the Gates of Hell.

         Before I could take another step guards  grabbed Jayce and me and slammed us to the ground. The breath was knocked right out of me. I noticed all the others were pinned on the floor as well, I guessed that there was about one hundred of us altogether. 

       The guard holding me down grinned as he withdrew a small vile, and some kind of extraction gun from inside his jacket. I struggled, but to no avail, as the guard sapped the life out of me. I could feel my heartbeat slowing until it ceased to exist altogether. My eyes fluttered shut as I was dragged through the gates and engulfed in flame.


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