What if I refuse

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  • Published: 14 May 2013
  • Updated: 14 May 2013
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Thousands of years in the future the world has been transformed. The ruthless System rule the planet. At age sixteen you are chosen for heaven or for hell. To make a perfect society, those chosen for Hell are killed and banished there, far away from the rest of the world. Once in Hell, you must fight to keep your humanity, although Hell has a way of turning you into a monster. But what if everyone there isn't evil. My name is Marina, and I was chosen to become a monster and stripped of my humanity. But what if I refuse.


1. Sentenced

          I shivered, but not out of the cold. My breathing was shaky and I couldn't sit still. I was in the town hall on the day of the choosing ceremony waiting for my name to be called. My best friend Imogen, who was sitting beside me, was staring at me, a concerned look creasing her face.

      "Are you alright," she whispered in my ear. I nodded without looking up, although honestly I was terrified. I sneaked a quick glance at her talking to a boy beside behind us. She was lucky, having nothing to worry about. She was perfect in the eyes of the System. Beautiful, with black shoulder length curls and bright blue eyes. She also never broke a rule in her life so there was no chance she would be sent Hell. I on the other hand had wavy brunette hair but I hardly ever followed rules, I disagreed with the System and everything it stands for, and none of their mind games work on me which I presume doesn't please them.

           I nervously looked around the room at everyone else and my eyes rested on a tall boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. He was tense, his hands gripping the sides of the chair. He seemed to be the only other person here, apart from me obviously, who wasn't laughing and chatting looking ridiculously excited. I was suddenly distracted by Jasmine (a member of the system) calling another name on the loudspeaker.

         "Imogen Swan," she called. Imogen smiled at me, then stood up and walked towards Jasmine, who was putting on a very faked smile as she ushered Imogen in through a door. I tried to calm my nerves knowing that I would be next called. A few minutes later Jasmine emerged from the room followed by Imogen who was beaming. She ran towards me, and even though I felt as if I was going to throw up from fear I stood up and hugged her tightly. Then Jasmine walked up towards the loudspeaker.

        "Marina Libero." I thought my heart would burst through my chest as I stood up and walked towards Jasmine who had decided against the fake smile. She grabbed my arm, her long nails digging into me, as she pulled me towards the door. 

       The room was a maze of monitors and wires connected to a large chair dominating the center of the room.


      "Sit," Jasmine said icily and I obeyed. The moment I was sitting, manacles automatically strapped themselves around my wrists and ankles. I let out a gasp in shock and tested the strength of the manacles, they were strong. Jasmine started walking around me connecting wires to my body and finally she strapped some kind of goggles to my head. She walked over to a monitor and pressed a button, I then blacked out.

      I regained consciousness moments later and I could see Jasmine working with a projection computer. She seemed pretty concentrated on her work, and by the look of her she didn't seem pleased. She has some creepy thing that she can transform her entire image depending on her mood. Her hair was now darker and her face tighter. I gulped, I had seen her on Ivision before, and her hair only went this dark when she was in a really bad mood. She suddenly noticed that I was awake and her head snapped towards me. Her eyes were black and empty.

       "You think you can get away with what you are?" she hissed. "You think we deal kindly with rebels? Well now you will see that we don't."

       She then walked across the room and slammed her hand into a huge red button. An ear piercing alarm blasted through the building and a red flashing light lit up the room. I struggled, panic stricken as guards burst through the door and ran towards me. They were covered from head to toe in metal with the exception of their eyes. Their eyes were black and hollow, and one look into them sent fear rushing through my body. One of the guards withdrew an extraction gun and placed it against my chest. I could feel it taking my energy and once he had withdrawn the gun, I crumpled to the floor. Black spots clouded my vision and I fell into blackness.



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