What if I refuse

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  • Published: 14 May 2013
  • Updated: 14 May 2013
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Thousands of years in the future the world has been transformed. The ruthless System rule the planet. At age sixteen you are chosen for heaven or for hell. To make a perfect society, those chosen for Hell are killed and banished there, far away from the rest of the world. Once in Hell, you must fight to keep your humanity, although Hell has a way of turning you into a monster. But what if everyone there isn't evil. My name is Marina, and I was chosen to become a monster and stripped of my humanity. But what if I refuse.


4. light

          "Marina! Marina, wake up"

Someone was shaking my shoulder violently. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Jayce kneeling in front of me, blood streaking down his cheek. I groaned, as I sat up, my head was throbbing, and there was an apocalyptic pain in my arm, where I had landed on it. Jayce knelt down beside me, and I could see he had been badly injured. His short had been ripped to rags, and he had a deep gash running along his leg. I didn't even want to see how badly I been hurt, but judging by the pain, I was going to take quite some time to fully heal.

   "Are you okay?" Jayce asked.

"Yeah, I think. Are you?"

He nodded. "I was terrified the demon had poisoned though, I don't know how I would be able to survive this place alone. You are the only person here that I can actually trust."

I smiled slightly. "Yeah, I can't imagine how the others are coping."

"I'd say there aren't many of them left. We were just lucky that we were only attacked once."

"Hey," I said, suddenly noticing something. "You're eyes, they haven't changed color. They're still blue. Mine changed gold."

"I never noticed," he whispered. "That anyone's changed at all."

And then he pulled me towards him and pressed his lips against mine. I felt like time had stopped. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him tighter, his lips never leaving mine.

After what seemed like an eternity I finally drew back. We had found a light in the darkness. And as I thought about it, the darkness was also important, because without darkness, what does light have to burn away?

       We found somewhere to sleep but neither of us had the strength to stay awake and guard, so we just had to pray that our instincts wouldn't let us down. I fell asleep the moment my head touched the ground and I started to dream.

    I was cold and dark. I looked around but all I saw were shadows, moving silently around me. Then in front of me, a door opened, and three hooded figures stepped in. One by one they showed their faces, it was my parents and Imogen, looking at me in horror, as if they were scared. I opened my mouth to speak to them, but all that came out was a low, menacing growl. Then I transformed, my hands turned to claws and my body was engulfed in flame. Imogen screamed and my mother sobbed, with a look of such pain on her face that it could have made a blind man cry. My father was looking at me, shaking his head. Then the door closed and I was plunged into darkness once more.

     I woke up sweating and gasping for air. I rolled on my side and wretched. Jayce's eyes suddenly flew open, and he jumped to his feet, sword in hand.

"What's wrong?" he asked, seeing no danger.

"Nothing," I replied. "Bad dream, that's all."

"Yeah, same here," he said. "We'd probably best get moving, because who knows, there may well be a way out of this wretched hellhole."

I grabbed my sword which lay beside me, and stood up beside Jayce. We wandered around, searching in vain. After hours of walking, we stopped to rest.

    "Well," Jayce said, disappointment clear on his face. "It was a long shot anyway."

I opened my mouth to reply, but my words were drowned by a deafening roar. I spun around and screamed. Standing a few feet away was a monstrous demon. It was practically on fire, and it's black empty eyes were staring directly at us. It raised a clawed hand and shot a beam of flame in our direction.


   It took me a split-second too long to react, and the flame grazed my side. I let out a scream of agony, and rolled around on the floor, trying to extinguish the fire. I then attempted to pick myself off the floor, but my bones couldn't take any more. I was beginning to lose consciousness, my eyes half closed. I heard Jayce scream my name, and I gathered the strength to look up, just in time to see the creatures fangs sink into my neck.

     Then everything turned dreamlike, as if this was happening to a different Marina, in a different Hell. Black spots danced in front of my vision and I could feel a cold seeping through my veins. Then I felt nothing, nothing at all.



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