Falling In Love With A Nerd (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

Molly Collins is a really popular student in her school. She loves music and loves clothes. Molly decided that she needed a tutor to help with her studies and that tutor was Louis Tomlinson. The nerd of the school, he loves books and has really high grades. They learned many things about each other and suddenly falls in love with each other, but their friends keeps pushing them away. Will Molly and Louis still love each other ?


3. Shopping

.*Molly's POV*

After school, I called Louis over the phone to inform him that he will tutor me later at my house. He agreed and told me he'd be there at 4:00. I checked the time and it was 3:30. I was usually the organized type. I feel uncomfortable when something was wrong or unorganized and I would worry so easily. So, don't mess with me.

I grabbed my bag and headed home. I saw Kendal walking alone in the opposite side of the street of where I was walking.

"Kendall! " I called out. She just kept on walking, it took me a while to notice that she was sad. She's always been there for me when I was sad,so it's my turn to accompany my best friend. I crossed the streets and ran to her.

"Kendall, what's wrong ?" she looked me with a pout.

"Shane dumped me. He said he likes a girl but didn't tell me her name. I'm gonna kill whoever he likes." she bursted out crying as ran away from me.

Shane is such a jerk for dumping my friend like that. Jeez, I hate drama and that's why I'm a single lady. Sometimes when I'm in the shower, I would just randomly sing Single Ladies by Beyonce. I love her music. I was totally a music lover, I mean, who doesn't love music ? Without music, there would be no meaning of life.

I walked... Alone and today I was wearing heels so, my feet started to have a cramp. Ouch ! I almost fell to the ground but I managed to walk. Remind me not to wear heels while going home from school.

While I was walking, I looked like a walking zombie. I started to sweat. Girls don't sweat, they glow. Well, that theory was wrong. I saw Louis passing by with his friends. His friends were kind of nerds too. I kept thinking that they were gay though but I was wrong. I walked to them to ask them to help me.

"Excuse me, umm..." well, this was getting embarrassing. I can't just say 'Hey Nerds, Carry me like a queen. I got a cramp in my feet, so don't just stand there carry me!' No way I was saying that. "Umm... I got some kind of cramp in my stupid leg. So, would you mind if you can carry me to my house ?" I blushed. Because what I said was stupid, too bad they didnt have a car, so I ride on it and they didnt have to carry me. They exchanged some looks and they nodded.

"Sure, I was about to go to your house anyway." Louis said. His friends looked confused on why was he going to my house.

"Oh wait first, I need to do this." I took out my large hat and sunglasses out of my bag and wore it.

"What are you doing ?" One of his friends asked. He was curly and British. All of my classmates were British except for me. Which sucks. I've been in this school for 7 years, so I'm used to it now.

"It's called shame. I can't people see me with ner-- I mean people like you. No offense but my popularity ratings would go down if I'm seen with you guys." I answered but they didn't look hurt. I think they were used to it.

Louis grabbed me and carried my body over his shoulder. I wasn't expecting for him to carry me like this. I was expecting bridal style. Wow, he was strong. Even though he was a nerd, I was thinking that he has been working out.


I was almost home and Louis was still carrying my body over his shoulder. His friends already went to their houses, so it was just me, Louis and awkward silence.

When we were finally at my doorstep, he put me down and Knocked at the door.

"It's my house, you don't need to knock." I pointed out.

"Oh, I just thought it would be more polite to knock before I barge in."

I opened the door and sat on sat on the sofa as I rested my leg. Stupid cramp.

My mom went downstairs and smiled when she saw Louis. "Hello, what's your name?" she asked Louis.

"I'm Louis. And you must be Mrs. Collins."

"You are one nice guy to date my daughter. Molly didn't have a boy---"

"Moooomm, Louis is not my boyfriend and never will be. He's my new tutor."

Louis was laughing a little bit and shook my moms hand. Ha ha, very funny Louis. We all know that you're not my boyfriend. ( never was and never will be)

"Well, you two do you homework. If you need me I'm upstairs." my mom said and then left.

Louis sat on the couch beside me and we began our homework.


"Okay, your done studying. See you tomorrow love." he grabbed his bag and stood up.

"Wait, you're not going to see me tomorrow with that clothes. I'm taking you to the mall, to give you a make over."

"I'm sorry, I would like to be one of your fashion experiment but I don't have money to buy and I like the way I dress."

I pouted and did my cute puppy face. That's what I use to make my mom buy me clothes. It's one of my best skill's. He groaned and took a deep breath.

"Okay, okay. But I have no money." he said.

"I'll use my credit card. My mom owns a famous bakery, she has so many credit cards, so she gave one to me." I explained.

"But I don't have enough money to pay you back."

"Louis, you don't need to pay me back. I'll just tell my mom it was a total emergency. And I bet the girls at school would fall in love with you."

"My goal isn't getting girls. My goal is getting a high grade."

"Shh. Let money do the talking now."

We walk to the mall and entered. The weird part is when we saw lots of couples holding hands. Me and Louis were like 'Awkward'.. I even saw couples kissing, that's sweet but not a very good timing.


OMG. How could I forget ? It was valentines day. God, please don't make things awkward.

"So Louis, who's your valentine ?" I broke the silence to avoid any awkward moments.

"I have no valentine. I'm better off being alone."

"Well, today, you will have a Valentine after you dispose of that outfit." He was wearing a red shirt, really tight pants and dorky shoes. I can't explain what his shoes looks like but its color brown and has a dorky style.

We finally reached the shop for men fashion. I chose a cool jacket and a shirt inside, pants that weren't tight and of course Nike rubber shoes.

I waited for him to put it on. Until he was done. He looked cute on jacket. Wait, WHY AM I SAYING THIS ?!?

"Nice outfit." I paid for outfit. "You should wear it today, so you can impress the ladies." we went outside the shop, to try the outfit experiment on girls.

I noticed a few girls were looking at Louis. My job here is done. I decided I wanted to watch a movie.

"Hey, wanna watch a movie ?"

"Sure. What's showing ?"

"G.I. Joe: The Retaliation." I answered. I love G.I. Joe. It's my favorite action movie ever.

"Sure. I love action."

We went to the movie ,paid for the tickets and went inside. Louis and me shared one big popcorn.


*Louis' POV*

I was thankful that Molly did this stuff for me. She's kind, loving and such a diva. Yeah, she's a total drama queen and I think I can live with it besides I am her tutor.

I grabbed some popcorn from the popcorn box, but it wasn't popcorn it was something bigger and harder. I felt more of a hand. Wait, am I holding Molly's hand ?!? I think she noticed it too...

We looked at each other and blushed. She quickly removed her hand from the box and she faced the screen still shy about what happened a few seconds ago. I just stared at her. Her hand felt like there was fireworks at the background. Sounds dramatic but it felt like heaven.

*Molly's POV*


Oh great. Now Louis is staring at me. Why did I put my hand in the popcorn box ? But I did feel something. Nah, maybe I was exaggerating. I would never fall for a nerd. Focus on the movie Molly. Focus on the movie. Focus on the movie. Focus on Louis.


Am I insane ?

~~~~~~~ 7:00 pm~~~~

I wasn't focusing much on the show. It's because of Louis he's creeping me out by looking at me with those blue gorgeous eyes. GORGEOUS ? DID I SAY GORGEOUS ?!

Time for dinner, but where ?

"This time, I'm giving you dinner at my house." Louis said.

"Sure, It would be fun to meet your parents."

We called a taxi and drove to his place.

I looked out the window to get my head straight. Was this like a date or something ? Please tell me it's not. We're just hanging around as friends. Heck, I wasn't even sure if we were friends. He's just my tutor and nothing more. Not a date and no relationship. Period.

"Nervous ?" he asked looking at me. I took a deep breath and looked at him.

"Y-yeah. I mean, what of they hate me ?" I was sounding like a worried girlfriend meeting my boyfriends parents. His not my boyfriend !!!! God ...

"No they won't. I think they'll like you."

We were finally at his house. Louis paid the driver and knocked on the door of their house. This house was small. I don't mean to brag but my house is a mansion and really big. And I never went in a small house before, so probably this is my first time.

The door opened and I'm surprised that it was only the mom and 4 girls there. They're probably his sisters. To my surprise, he's mom is a single mother. She opened the door with a large grin in her face.

"So, you're Louis' Girlfriend ?"

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