Falling In Love With A Nerd (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

Molly Collins is a really popular student in her school. She loves music and loves clothes. Molly decided that she needed a tutor to help with her studies and that tutor was Louis Tomlinson. The nerd of the school, he loves books and has really high grades. They learned many things about each other and suddenly falls in love with each other, but their friends keeps pushing them away. Will Molly and Louis still love each other ?


6. Planning

"A kiss on the cheek."

Those Five words made me gasped. What the Heck ? My eyes are shaped as saucers and my mouth shaped like an 'o'.

"I was just kidding. You should have seen the look on your face. Priceless !" He was laughing so hard and I blushed madly. He's messing with my brain.

"I hate you!" I glared at him.

"Well, I have to go home now. Bye Drama Queen."

Oh, he did not just say that to me. I'm am so not a drama queen. Yes, I take a bath 4 times a day and hates dirt. But it doesn't mean I'm a drama queen. Right ?

"Well, Goodbye Geek."

He just stared at me for a moment and I was really trapped in his eyes. It seemed like forver.But it was ruined when my dog, Snow, barked. What ? You didn't I have a dog ? Well, I named her snow because she's white and it reminds me of snow white which is my favorite fairytale.

"Anyway, gotta go."

He exited the house and I was left standing there. Still, picturing his eyes in my mind. I glanced at snow and I saw her sitting with her cut puppy dog eyes. I Love Her, so much. She's so cute.

"Snow, my weakness is your cuteness." I carried her over to her cage, so she can sleep.

I went upstairs to check up on my mom. She's fast asleep. Why did she go to the bar in the first place ? She's not an alcoholic.

I went to my bed and stretched a little. I lay down on the soft pillows and stared at the ceiling. Louis wasn't exactly a geek, he's more of a nerd. I really noticed how close we are getting and honestly, I enjoy his company.

I logged in to wattpad. Why couldn't my life be like a wattpad story ? The characters usually get their dreams to come true. But some stories end up having sad endings. My dream is to become a successful fashionista. But my mom wants me to become a teacher. Which Sucks....


I decided to sleep since I was tired.




THIS IS NOT HAPPENING TO ME.... I'm going die. Die. Die I tell you ! Anything but this.

"What happened ?" my mom barged in my door holding her phone.


Take a deep breath, Molly. I took a deep breath and let it all out.


"Some kids at school saw me shopping with Louis and now the whole school thinks we're a couple. They even posted a picture of us together in facebook. I think I'm not going to school."

"Don't be do over dramatic. Louis is a nice kid. You two can be a good couple."

"Mom, you don't know Louis. H-he's a nerd. The king of Geeks. And I'm a popular girl. So don't you dare tell me were a good couple."

"Your going to school and that's final. Did you even noticed that your grades are dropping ? You will never become a teacher."

"Mom, first of all, I am not going to become a teacher and second of all I'm not going to school."


"I'll give you money for shoes after school."

"Okay, let me pack My things."

That sly fox made me go to school. Why is shoes always my weakness ?


Louis POV

Wow... Molly is gonna be late. 5 more minutes She's never late. I think she's still embarrassed or something. Wait, I shouldn't be concerned about her, I'm just her tutor, nothing more.


The bell rang signaling that we should get to our classes.

As soon I was about to go to class. Molly was running as fast as she can, is coming to me ? She's getting closer every second and suddenly hits me.

I fell to the floor and rubbed my head. She also fell down but was able to get up really quick. For a drama queen, she was fast. She continued running, going to our first class. Why is she such in a hurry to get to class ?

My Leg Hurts.

*Molly's POV*

I cannot let Louis see me. I bumped in to someone...again. I should really watch my way. I looked up and saw Shane. He was tall and muscular as usual. Yes, he's strong but he's not a player. And I'm mad at him for breaking Kendall's heart.

"Shane, you've got some lots of explaining to do."

"I know, I know. We'll talk about it in lunch."

I walked pass him and entered the room and took a seat.

I just remembered Louis was my seat mate. Oh No.


Fortunately, he didn't come to any of his classes. Louis was never absent.

The bell rang for Lunch. Thank God, I am starving. My stomach growled loudly and I can feel all eyes on me. Awkward. I blushed and looked at my teacher.

"Since Ms. Collins is starving, we should all take our lunch now." The Kind teacher gave me a smile. I mouthed a 'Thank You' to her as all the students were exiting the classroom.

As soon as I got to the cafeteria I saw Kendall walking to her seat and looking down at her tray, occupied by food. I guess she was still sad about the whole 'Shane' thing. And this is why I didn't want to have any boyfriends.

I ran to Kendall and tapped her shoulder. She turned around and glared at me. Umm... Is she mad at me ?

"Kendall, If you need a someone to talk to, I'm that person. He's-"

"Hi Man Stealer."

What is going on ?

"Kendall, Why are you mad at me ?"

"Don't act all innocent. I know you like Shane too."

"What ?" I ask confused. Like ?! Shane ?! Is it April Fools ?

"I heard some people gossiping that you were gonna have lunch together."

"Yes, we are having lunch together. But-"

She just walked away like nothing happened. Is she ignoring me ?

"Don't you wanna hear what I have to say ?" I asked following her.

"Nope." She said pooping the 'p'.

I froze and stopped following her. I sighed. Why woul I like Shane ? He's totally not my type. Plus we were going to talk about her.

My eyes scanned the whole cafeteria and no sign of Shane. And after a few seconds of looking around, I finally saw him. I walked to his table and I gave him a 'Why is your seat so far ?' look. I don't even know if that look exists.

"Kendall is jealous." I told him, "She thought that you and I were having lunch together as girlfriend and boyfriend."

"Why would she think that ?"

"I don't know. But you still have to explain."

"Okay. I met a girl when I was in the 4th Grade." He told me, "She's pretty, has a great smile and a good sense of humor. I had a crush on her for 3 years but she never notices." He froze for a few seconds and continued. "I'm planning on asking her out on the prom next month. But I can't do that because I have Kendall and I don't want to break her heart."

Wow, that is tough. Love is confusing sometimes.

"What if that girl says no ?"

"I don't know. Move on, I guess ?"

"I understand Shane. I'll explain it all to Kendall. Good luck in asking her. I hope she says yes, because you didn't break Kendall's heart for nothing, right ?"

"thanks Molly. I knew you would understand."

I got up from my seat. I wasn't in the mood to eat right now. I was really worried for Kendall, that I lost my appetite. As soon I was about to go out of the cafeteria, a 2 girls came to me. One girl has rosy cheeks and blonde, the Other one was a brunette and has cute dress. I didn't knew who they were, so I was freaked out that they were coming to me.

"Hey Molly, We heard that Louis is in the Clinic and you should be worried about him cause your his girlfriend after all." the blonde girl said.

"First of all, Who are you ? And Second, What ?! Is He Okay ?!? and third, I'm not his Girlfriend."

"Were the gossipers of this school. I'm Trisha and this is Maria." The brunette, I mean Trisha said, "Yes, Louis is Okay. He'll just be absent for a few days."she stopped and Maria continued for her."And Yes, you are his Girlfriend and we saw you in the mall together. Thats pretty much like a date." I was freaked out, they are sorta like twins.

"It's not a date, just a fashion experiment. Why can't you just tell people that were not really together ?"

"Because, these people crave for excitement and gossip. And we could be more popular is this school." Trisha explained.

"Can you just leave me alone for at least 5 days without gossips about me? I just can't take this gossips."

"We understand." they chorused.


I ran as fast as I can to the Clinic. I ran down the hall and ran down the stairs and ran into some more halls. You can tell that running isn't my thing especially when your a 'Drama Queen'. Everybody calls me that most of the time.

I finally reached the Clinic. I opened the door and asked Ms.Cherry, our school nurse,where Louis was.

"He's right over there." she pointed to a room covered with white curtains.

"Thank you."

I opened the curtains slowly and I saw Louis laying down in the bed peacefully and looking at the ceiling. OMG, I did this to him ! I totally forgot that I made him fall.

"Hi Louis."

He ignored me and didn't do anything. He didn't even look at me. He's giving me the silent treatment.

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