Falling In Love With A Nerd (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

Molly Collins is a really popular student in her school. She loves music and loves clothes. Molly decided that she needed a tutor to help with her studies and that tutor was Louis Tomlinson. The nerd of the school, he loves books and has really high grades. They learned many things about each other and suddenly falls in love with each other, but their friends keeps pushing them away. Will Molly and Louis still love each other ?


2. Perfect tutor

 *Molly's POV*

Yesterday was the worst day ever ! It's all because of that nerd. Louis is totally on my 'No' List. Everybody laughed at me and my popularity ratings are going down.

I collapsed in my bed and I checked the time. It was 2 am. So, I decided to check on my instagram since I was bored and can't sleep. While scrolling down, I saw Louis. He posted a picture and I didn't even know he had instagram. I just took a peek at his profile (not stalking) and saw a picture of him and his friends at school. I tapped on the pic and he commented 'My best friends! Harry Liam Niall and Zayn :)'

So, that's the name of his friends. I went out of his profile and once again I was not stalking. I faced the ceiling and covered my eyes with my hands. I am totally bored and I guess I need some time to think about my life or my education.

'Ain't nobody got time for that'

I thought. I was literally laughing in my brain. Wait, am I laughing at my own joke ? Awkward. I turned the TV on and watched Nickelodeon. I just love kid shows and it really reminds me of when I was a kid, I used to watch spongebob or mr. Bean. Classic shows.

My eyes were focusing on the TV but my brain was focusing on being popular. I really had lots of boyfriend's but all of them were jocks and they weren't really my type. They just wanted me for my popularity, and maybe I really didn't get a serious boyfriend that loves me for me. Okay, that was corny.

I gave up on trying to watch TV, instead I logged in to wattpad. Wattpad is my favorite app among all the apps in my phone. I needed it for a little advice in romance. Like the girl ends up getting the guy or maybe a tragic ending like the girl dies for their love. So dramatic, yet so interesting.

I checked on my profile and I noticed I got a lot of followers lately. I never wrote a story before and I've been dying to write one but I still need to improve my writing skills, then I can make a story. I've been planning of writing a story about a shy girl but the boy encourages her to go out of her shell and talk to people a little bit more. Then they fall in love with each other and.... Wait ? What am I doing ? Im talking inside my brain again.

I chewed on my nails (bad habit) as I stared at the clock. 4 am. Well, I guess I better start moving. I washed myself up and did the things I usually do in the morning. 5 am. It's so early, why am I always like this ? Getting up early is one of the worst habits ever. I'm a morning bird and I hate it.

I went downstairs and saw my mom texting Peter or something on her phone. Well, I'll just eat an apple then. I walked pass mom and got an apple and an orange. Mom noticed me and sighed. Why does she do that ?

"Molly, I wanna talk to you about your grades."

"Aww. C'mon mum. My grades aren't that low."

"No. Your grades are getting lower. So, I need you to have a tutor from your school to teach you everything you need to know." I didn't need a tutor. I can handle myself. I can even graduate on my own and my speech goes like this: I want to thank google and Wikipedia for helping me with my homework. Later, losers.' well, it wasn't that smart but it's the best speech and I'm gonna use that speech in graduation, if I pass high school.

"But Mom-"

"Butts are for pooping. No more comments for you. You need to find you tutor by the end of the weak. Are we clear ?"


I sighed. I never wanted a tutor. I went outside and walked to school, Kendal was still sleeping so I just went ahead.

Until I got to school. It was silent most of us weren't in the classroom but there was only one guy with glasses in the classroom, he was reading a book. It took me a few minutes until I realized that it was Louis. Oh boy, I took a step out of the classroom. I didn't want him to see me, I didn't like him and he didn't like me. Unfortunately , he saw me. I had no choice but to go inside and I got the seat next him. Why did I choose this seat in the first place ?

It was silent. He was looking at me and then he looked back at his book. This was such an awkward situation. Why does it have to be Louis ? I saw his book and it was about math. I hate math. And I forgot that we have an oral test in math. Jeez, I needed to study. I decided to speak to Louis and apologize, at least nobody is here to see us talking.

"Hey Listen, I'm sorry about accusing you for spilling spaghetti at my shirt. I didn't mean to shout at you. I can just go crazy one in a while. Maybe, we can start over again ?"

He nodded and smiled at me. "It's okay. Half of it was my fault too." he's accent is British which made me thought that I really love his accent. If I were British I would never shut up.

We talked about our likes and dislikes. It seemed that we had lots of things in common.

"You know how to sing ?" he asked. I nodded shyly and blushed. WHY AM I BLUSHING ?!

"Can I hear you voice ?" He asked again. Wow, I've never heard these words in my entire life. I never did sing after kindergarten. I was just like 4 years old and I sang Twinkle twinkle little star and it didn't turn out on what I expected. I was too loud and vowed to never sing again.

"Sorry, but I promised I would never sing again."

"Don't worry. It's only me here. You shouldn't feel stupid around me."

I took a deep breath and began to sing.

'I'm bullet proof nothing to lose fire away, fire away. Ricochet, you take your aim. Fire away Fire away.You shoot me down but I won't fall I am titanium. '

I didn't finish the rest of the song because I never really wanted to hear my voice again. I was surprised when Louis clapped his hands. He liked it ? I really didn't like my voice.

"Bravo, you have a gift." he complimented.

People started coming inside the classroom. I avoided Louis after that. I looked at my desk but smiled as I thought of his compliment.


Math :

Oh God, I hate Math plus there's going to be a oral test. Ms. Flint called Louis first.

"Okay Louis, we just started. And these questions are really easy. Okay, tell me the names of the polygons according to their sides. 4 sides up to 11 sides. This is really easy."

"4- Quadrilaterals

5- Pentagon

6- Hexagon

7- Heptagon

8- Octagon

9- Nonagon

10- Decagon

11-Undecagon" he answered

We were all surprised at Louis' smartness but that question about polygons were easy. But I've come up with the stupidest idea ever.

Louis is going to be my tutor.


After school I hid behind the bushes, so no one can see me. I saw Louis passing by I grabbed him and pulled him to the bush.

"Why did you grab me here ?" he asked, rubbing his arm because of my grasp.

"I want you to become my tutor. My grades are getting low and my mum told me I needed a tutor, so I picked you." I answered as I gave him my address on a piece of paper and my phone number in case he needs to tell me about the tutoring thing. "This is the place where you'll tutor me which is my house, my phone number in case of emergencies and don't tell anyone that your my tutor. It's a popularity thing."

He nodded and walked away silently. I finally have a tutor.

Strike one for Molly Jaramine Collins !!

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