Falling In Love With A Nerd (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

Molly Collins is a really popular student in her school. She loves music and loves clothes. Molly decided that she needed a tutor to help with her studies and that tutor was Louis Tomlinson. The nerd of the school, he loves books and has really high grades. They learned many things about each other and suddenly falls in love with each other, but their friends keeps pushing them away. Will Molly and Louis still love each other ?


1. I Hate That Nerd !


*Molly's POV*

I woke up and saw the beautiful sun outside of my window. The wind blew my hair gently and I can feel the heat of the sun in my skin. I got out of bed and did my usual morning routine and went downstairs for breakfast. And there I saw mom making me some pancakes, its only both of us in the house. My dad left us for some model in New jersey, my mom decided that we should move to UK to get away from him as possible. But now she has already a boyfriend, his name is Peter. He's kind loving and sweet and I bet that Peter's going to propose to her some day.

My mom took her eyes out of the frying pan and glanced at me."Good Morning Honey." she greeted. She looked at my shirt and the looked at me with a confused look. "I don't understand your shirt."

I wore a sleeveless grey shirt and it said 'SWAG', my jeans and my red converse. I just L-O-V-E my converse. Sorry for being such a diva but that's what I am. "Mom it says 'SWAG' and its cool. Clearly, you need to learn many of words used by the teens right now." 

She sighed and gave me my pancakes. OMG, I just love her pancakes, it always has this sweet aroma and awesome taste. I ate my pancakes and drank some water. I glanced at the clock and frowned. I was 30 mins. early. Well, at least I have time to talk to my friends.

I got out of my seat and grabbed my backpack and said goodbye to my mom. The school was just really near so I can just walk. Kendal, my neighbor and best friend that truly understands me, waved at me and headed towards me. I was really happy to see her, we've been friends before I was popular. She takes care of me when I was sad. 

"Hey Kendal." I greeted and she greeted back. We went to school together and we talked about a few things like clothes, manicure and girly things. We always tell our secrets to each other and never told it to anyone. Thank God, that we met at the bathroom. Yeah, that was a weird thing to say but hey, its the truth, we really met at the bathroom when I was like in the 2nd Grade. I borrowed her comb and we decided to be the best friends.

"OMG! OMG! There's a dead rat in front of me!! Call the Police!!" I stopped and jumped around scared of the thing in front of me. "Don't be such a drama queen. You can just go over it." Kendal said annoyed. I went over it and relieved that my shoes didn't get ruined. You can say I was drama queen. I usually over react on 'little things' but that's me.

Finally, we were here at school. We went to our classroom and when I got there lots of girls and boys were surrounding me. This is what its like being popular at this school. Did I mention that it was the first day of school ? Well, all of them picked their seats except for me. So, I sat on the only empty seat I could find. The seat beside ... Louis Tomlinson. Has high grades but his a total geek. I cant hang out with geeks, my popularity might go down. So, i just need to ignore him. He wore a striped shirt with suspenders, pants and TOMS. I avoided eye contact with him but unfortunately he spoke to me.

"Hi I'm Louis. You must be Molly. Nice to meet you." I put his arm up for a handshake. OMG, did that hand have germs ? I might get a bacteria or something. But instead of complaining, I shook his hand and gave him one of my fake smiles. The bell rang signaling that it was time to go to class.

I took a peek at my schedule one more time and the first subject was English. I love English, its my favorite subject actually. "Hello Kids, I'm Mrs. Hillary Robert."


The bell rang. It was lunch !! Finally, I don't worry of getting a table in lunch. I'm popular. I went in to the cafeteria and got my lunch tray. I was heading towards the popular table until my water fell to the ground. "Oh no.." And then suddenly some body smashed me. I was lucky that I didn't fall but whoever did that ruined my outfit with spaghetti. I took a look on who did this to me and I was surprised that it was... Louis. "Hey !! Watch where you're going !! You ruined my outfit, You are the W-O-R-S-T person ever !!!" 

"Hey ! It wasn't my fault, you spilled your water and then I slipped. In fact, it was your fault. You spilled your water !"

Everybody was looking at us. Louis is the most horrible person I had ever met. 

I went to the bathroom and took out all the food out of my shirt. I tried to get it off but it just left a nasty stain. 

I hate that Nerd !!

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