Falling In Love With A Nerd (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

Molly Collins is a really popular student in her school. She loves music and loves clothes. Molly decided that she needed a tutor to help with her studies and that tutor was Louis Tomlinson. The nerd of the school, he loves books and has really high grades. They learned many things about each other and suddenly falls in love with each other, but their friends keeps pushing them away. Will Molly and Louis still love each other ?


8. Confused

I'm such an idiot.

Yesterday was just... Confusing.

*Flashback* (after the kiss)

"Uhhh..... Did you know that 95% of the water isn't discovered ?" I said breaking the silence.

Good one Molly....

"Uh...Yeah.... Can we never speak of this again ?"

"Yeah, Well it's getting dark. You should go home."

"Yeah, Bye." He said as he stood up.

He left without any other words.

God, why did I kiss him back ? I could have just pulled away, but no my lips told me to keep kissing.

What Did I Do ?

*End Of Flashback*

What Did I Do ?

That was the question in my head for 9 hours. I mean, I like Harry but there was no spark. Not a single Firework. It was really awkward after the kiss, I even said a fact. Stupid.

I should go to school. My mom wouldn't allow me to be absent this time. I groaned and lazily walked to the shower. No, I'm not lazy, I just enjoy doing nothing.

Oh yeah, I totally forgot. I have a date- I mean practice date with Louis. Why did I offer that ? I should have just gave him tips. I took a shower and did my usual morning stuff as always.

My Mom isn't here. I guess she went to the grocery store. I rarely seen her since I offered Louis a practice date. Is she planning something ? I can't wait till Peter comes back, he promised to buy me clothes and shoes. I always trust Peter, he's like my bodyguard. Only Better.


I exited the house and locked the front door. I hope I see Kendall today, I have a lot of explaining to do. The sun is hot as always and the wind is so breezy. Perfect day for a good mood, except that I wasn't. Why ? Kiss with Harry. I broke Louis' leg. My mom is ignoring me. Kendall hates me. And of course, School.

But hey, that's life.

I saw Kendall walking in side of the street. Finally. I ran to her and she looked at me with surprised, her face was like she has seen a ghost and she started running away from me. Oh come on, she knows very well that I hate running. I ran... more like jug to her.

"Stranger Danger !! Stranger Danger !!! A Make-up freak is chasing me !!" She yelled.

Make-up freak ?!? This make up is really expensive, and it's from other countries. Wait, that doesn't matter now. I need to chase her.


I got closer to her and finally grabbed her wrists. Wow, she's strong.

"Let me go !" she said as she struggled to get out. But I held her tighter, that could leave a mark.

"Kendall, I need to talk to you."

"There's not much to talk about."

Yeah, your right, there's nothing to talk about. Shane and me were only going to talk about you, Harry kissed me and I surprisingly kissed him back, My mom has been gone for a few days, I broke Louis' leg and you hate me. So yeah, theres not much to talk about. I thought sarcastically.

"There is actually. Shane was going to explain why he broke up with you. And he seems to like another girl. I don't know who she is but he loves her."

"I never thought it that way."

"You should have."

"Still BFF's ?"

I smiled widely at her.


We hugged and walked going to school. We were kind of late but who cares ? I got my best friend back. That's what matters.



*After Class*

I told everything Kendall needs to know and she really freaked about kissing Harry. And believe me I was freaked out too.

We were walking home and talked about Harry.

"So, did you like it ?"

"Excuse me ?"

"Did you like the kiss ?" She said in a duh tone.

"Umm.... I don't know really. I didn't feel anything. Not a single sparkle. Anyway, lets stop talking about me. I told you my secrets, now its your turn."

She groaned and looked at me.

"Please, Please...."

She gave me her puppy dog eyes, begging me to stop making her tell her secrets. Oh cmon, were best friends, we should tell our secrets to each other, right ?

"Please, we are best friends forever."

She sighed and nodded her head in defeat. I knew I could do it.

"But promise to not tell anyone." She said seriously.

"I Promise." I said. She took a deep breath and began to speak. I could tell she was nervous and so was I. I can't wait to hear it.

"I have-" I interrupted her.

"A baby ?!? Your pregnant ?! How could this be ? What are you going to name it ? Call MTV !!" I said shouting, getting confused stares from people.

Kendall covered my mouth with her hand and frowned at me. So, she's not pregnant.... For a while there I thought she was going to have a baby and I'm going to have a heart attack.

She finally took away her hand from my mouth. I mouthed a 'sorry' and she continued.

"As I was saying, I have a crush."

"On who ?"

"Niall Horan."

Is she serious ? Niall Horan, the friend of Louis and Harry ? Why does the nerds have to be so hot ?

But seriously, Niall Horan ? Kendall Smith and Niall Horan ?!? I pictured them together in my head and smiled at that thought. Wow, they look good together.

Kendall waved her hand in front of my face. "Earth to Molly. Are you okay ? Because you were smiling for no reason."

"Yeah, you two look good together."

"Really ?" she said as she smiled widely.

"Yeah. But why him ?"

"He loves food, I love food. He's Irish, I'm irish. He's a blonde, I'm a blonde. Plus he's kinda cute."

Yeah, he is kinda cute but totally not my type. Me and Kendall had a great, we talked and talked nonstop. Until we bumped into him. Harry.

I was mentally screaming, 'Run for your lives !'

Instead of running, I walked the other way but unfortunately he grabbed my wrist.

"Hi." He said with his sexy deep voice.

"Uh.... Hi. How are you ?"

"Good, so ready to do our project again ?"


"Uhh.... I'm going to my house. You two have fun." Kendall said walking to her house.

I totally forgot that she was beside me. I was lost in thought, I guess.

Me and Harry walked together going to my house in silence. We barely spoke. I remembered the kiss and stared at the ground.

"So, were you surprised after the kiss ?" Harry asked.

"What kiss ? " I said as I remembered not to speak about it again.

"Nevermind." he said, I could see a little disappointment at his face.

Nerds will be nerds.

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