"Think of it like this... no matter how fast light travels, it always finds the darkness that was there first"

Alice isn't exactly what you'd describe as... normal. She's got a secret and Jake is determined to find out more about the mysterious girl.


2. Chapter Two

After watching the emotionless students I realize that I should probably be heading to my own first period class. I pull out the new timetable I had been given and search for where I was meant to be heading. Maths. Oh joy, what a lovely way to start my first day. Room 202. Okay so Mr Vermont had explained how the rooms were divided by the levels of the building. So room 202... Level Two... I rush to the stairs when I realized that I will probably end up being late. I look up at the multitudes of steps and sigh, this was going to be a long day.

It took me about 5 minutes to conquer the rickety stairs and I finally reached my Maths class. Grateful for the fact that the teacher seems to be late for the lesson today. Thank god. I pull out my books and pencil case as the other students have and join the end of the neatly organised line next to the only available spot, next to a long haired girl. She was facing the other direction so I couldn't get a very clear view of her face. I discreetly study her and notice that she was the only slightly normal person I've seen around this place and secretly hope she isn't as depressing as everyone else. I work up the courage to speak to her when I hear the clicking of high heels as the Maths teacher frantically rushes over towards the waiting class. She was the first person around here that I've seen show any expression. Though her distress was instantly replaced with a blank look as we headed inside and took a seat. I wait for everyone to take a seat and spot the only empty one, next to the same girl from the line outside. I walk over "Uh, does-" she glares up at me. 
"No. You can sit there" she relaxes back in her prior position and I hesitantly place my things on the table beside her. We turn our attention to the teacher as she starts her dreadfully boring lesson. After a solid 20 minutes of her speaking she allows us to go off and work on the textbook... problem was, I didn't have one. I look over at the girl sitting beside me as she slowly opens her textbook to the assigned page. I swallow the lump in my throat and speak up. "Um, could I-" again she cuts me off.
"Sure" she pushes the textbook to the middle of the desks and I look over at the complicated equations. Wow, I didn't know any of this! As if reading my mind she sighs, looking over at me. "Okay..." she thinks for a moment.This is when I notice her bright blue eyes, a total contrast to her long black hair. She looks away, her hair cascading over her face, covering it from my view. "What your uh name?" I ask her and she shrugs... what? "Alice... I guess" She guesses? She looks at me again and I mask my confusion with a weak smile. "Well, what's yours" she asks expectantly, her blue eyes staring into mine.
"J- Jake" I stumble and she nods, she taps her pen on the textbook and returns to her work. I try to figure the whole thing out in my head with no luck. She seemed nice... I guess. She shuts the textbook and suddenly the bell goes off, erupting the class out of their seats and everyone starts to pile out. She stand up and walks away but turns to me before exiting. "I like you. You're... different" she flashes me a million dollar smile and gracefully walks out, leaving me standing there like a love-sick fool.

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