"Think of it like this... no matter how fast light travels, it always finds the darkness that was there first"

Alice isn't exactly what you'd describe as... normal. She's got a secret and Jake is determined to find out more about the mysterious girl.


3. Chapter Three

I shake myself out of my haze and slowly walk out of the abandoned classroom. Packing my things into my bag, the hall is filled with an eerie silence, sending chills up my spine. Quickly chucking my backpack on my back I head down the hall, scoping out areas to sit during the breaks. I also keep an eye out for Alice. It would be nice to at least have one friend in this horrid place and Alice seemed like the only slightly normal person around here. Finally, I spot her sitting in an abandoned corridor, silently reading a book. As if sensing my presence, her head shoots up and she looks at me. Her bright blue eyes trailing up and down my body. I fiddle with my tie, feeling a bit uncomfortable under her strong gaze. I take a seat beside her "Uh, hey. Hope I'm not interrupting" she shakes her head, shutting her book before sliding it into her school bag. "No, not at all. I've never actually had someone accompany me at breaks before" she smiles weakly and looks down at her hands. 
"Really? Don't you get lonely?" I question
"No. Not really. I enjoy the solitude. Its... calming" she folds her hands on her lap, giving me her full attention.
"It seems like everyone around here enjoys... the 'solitude'" I say, referring to the weird behaviour of almost every student here at Saint Eumones. She chuckles lowly and I find myself dwelling on the sound of her laugh. She had an air of perfection. 
"Indeed. I guess we are all the same in that aspect. Though, I don't think we 'enjoy' the solitude" she says, filling my head with a multitude of questions. Instead I just nod, not pressing the situation. I really did enjoy her company. Didn't want the scare her off on the first day. 
"So... what brings you to Saint Eumones?" she asks, breaking the silence, boy, was that a good question...

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