"Think of it like this... no matter how fast light travels, it always finds the darkness that was there first"

Alice isn't exactly what you'd describe as... normal. She's got a secret and Jake is determined to find out more about the mysterious girl.


1. Chapter One

I hear the sounds of voices from inside the building and take a deep breath. Saint Eumones. I take in the vintage style of the building. It was an old structure, from my research I had discovered it was founded back in 1705. One of the oldest schools in the country and to be quite honest with myself, I did not want to go inside. As if on cue, the cloudy sky opens up and raindrops cover the earth. Might as well go inside. I push the large doors and hear the loud creaking as it struggles to force the hinges forward. As soon as I take step in the ancient building, I feel the eyes of the students studying me. The new boy. It was quite a dull atmosphere, the grey uniforms only added to the effect, giving the whole school a feeling of grief... sadness. Keeping my eyes on the floor I head towards the principal's office where I had visited a couple weeks earlier for a enrollment interview. I found the office easily and was glad that I wouldn't have to ask any of the other students for guidance, I had a feeling they weren't as friendly as I would have hoped. But how could you be in a place like this? A bit of re-decorating wouldn't kill them. I sigh, composing myself before knocking on the door. A moment passes and I see the familiar and elderly face of the principal, Mr Vermont. His expression was the same as the multitudes of students. Dark, sullen... sad. That world basically summed up Saint Eumones, sad. He gestures for me to take a seat and gives me the same, boring speech he gave to me before. Telling me about the general rules, my timetable and how the cafeteria worked. Boy, I wasn't looking forward to lunch times. Perhaps not everyone around here was gloomy. There must be at least one person who knows how to smile. After his introductory talk, Mr Vermont leads me out of his office and shuts the door behind me, leaving me to my own devices. I look around, what now? *Bong Bong* Wow, even the bell signalling the time for classes to begin was depressing. The students quietly head to their classes, barely sparing each other a single glance. I notice how each individual doesn't walk too close to another, singularly heading in their different directions. Not a word it uttered. The silence engulfs me, making me feel uncomfortable... this was weird. I have the feeling that my stay Saint Eumones would be anything but pleasant.

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