One direction imagines

This is a one direction imagines movella. Plz write about you and what you look like in the comments and you will surely be in the book. Choose which member you want and if you tell me what to write or if you want it to be a surprize. Also there arnt any rude parts! Thx


17. Niall and Nikki

You live with your husband niall and your 5 year old son ben. You and niall were finding ben in a game of hide and seek. He his behind the sofa and you both could see him but pretended you couldnt. "I wonder were ben is?" Niall said and you heard giggles from where he was hiding. "Boo!" You shout and he lughs. He starts running around the house and you chase him. He hides

somewhere else where you actuallu didnt know this time. "I love you!" Niall said and you blush. "I love you too!" You say and he kisses you on the lips. You pull away after about 5 seconds and start sniling. "Come on, lets go find that sneaky child!" You say and split up to try and find him. You play hide and seek for the reat of the day. Such a playful family!

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