One direction imagines

This is a one direction imagines movella. Plz write about you and what you look like in the comments and you will surely be in the book. Choose which member you want and if you tell me what to write or if you want it to be a surprize. Also there arnt any rude parts! Thx


18. Niall and Amy

It was christmas time and this year you were spending christmas with your boyfriend niall. You woke up at 7am and woke up niall! "Come on! Wake up!" You said excitedly and he shot up. "PRESENTS!!!" He shouted and ran downstaires. You laughed and ran down too. You went to the living room and saw bucket loads of presents. "I want to open one first!" You said and picked one at random. You both sat down and you read the card. "To amy, have the beat christmas ever! From niall xox!" You read and thanked niall. You ripped off the paper and saw a box. You opened the box and saw a beautiful white, short dress with some white blue flowers and patyerna on. "Aww, thankyou nialler!" You say and hug him. "Anything for you!" He said and you pecked his lips. You spent the rest of the day opening presents and eating choclate, yum!

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