One direction imagines

This is a one direction imagines movella. Plz write about you and what you look like in the comments and you will surely be in the book. Choose which member you want and if you tell me what to write or if you want it to be a surprize. Also there arnt any rude parts! Thx


16. Louis and Ivonne

Louis took you on a romantic holiday to paris and now he took you to dinner at the eifell tower. "Oh, this is amazing lou! Thank you so much." You say and hug him. He kisses your forehead and yoi sit back down. He comes towards you and holds your hand. "Ivonne, the only reason i took you here was to ask you something!" He says and you smile. You know exactly what is going to happen next. He gets on one knee and opens a small black box. You see a beautiflut diamond ring blue edges. "Will you marry me?" He asked and you look completely shocked. You smile a huge smile and shouted YES! He standa up and hugs you tight. He kisses you, lifts you up an spins you in the air. He puts the ring on your finger and you sqeul (in exitment)

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