One direction imagines

This is a one direction imagines movella. Plz write about you and what you look like in the comments and you will surely be in the book. Choose which member you want and if you tell me what to write or if you want it to be a surprize. Also there arnt any rude parts! Thx


12. Harry and samantha

"Wake up! Wake up!" You here harry say to you. You sit up and cober your eyes from the light. You squint and he gighles and kisses you on the forehead. He starts to move closer to you and he kisses you lips. He moves on top of you and you lay back, then he starts to kiss your neck. You pull off his shirt and he puts his hands up your nighty and starts to rub your back. He lifts off your nighty and startes snogging your breasts. As he does so, you pull down his shorts and his underwear. He stops and you start to lick his penis. You gradually go up and up until you are both snogging. You soowely puts himself inside you and humps you. You found that it hurt at first but then felt ammazingly good. "Faster harry!" You shout and he dows as he is told. He starts squeezin your bum and left brest until he starts to snog yoour breast again. He pulls himself out of you and sits up. "That was great!" He says and you smile. He startes getting back into his clothes and you into yours. He smiles and walks out.


hey! Plz dont ask for any more dirty ones coz i find them harder to write about. I like simple, nice ideas but if you ask for a dirty one i will probs do one for you

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