One direction imagines

This is a one direction imagines movella. Plz write about you and what you look like in the comments and you will surely be in the book. Choose which member you want and if you tell me what to write or if you want it to be a surprize. Also there arnt any rude parts! Thx


20. Harry and Beth

"Happy birthday!" You were awoken by harry jumping up and down on your bed. "5 more minuits!" You say groaning. He runs off and comes back a few seconds later. He pours a huge bucket of water on your face and you sit up in shock. "Harry!?" He say and he starts running away. You get out of bed and chase him around the house until you finally catch him. You grab his arm and pull him back. "Dont hurt me?" He says sarcasticly. You drag him to the kitchen and get a spoon. You go to the fridge and get a yoghurt. You use the spoon to take out the yoghurt and plop it on harrys face. You giggle and so does he. He moves closer to you and you splash flower all over his clothes. "Come on, lets have a hug!" He says and you try to dogde but it didnt work. He squeezed you tightly and when you let go, you had flour on your clothes too. It was all silent untill you both started laughing. He brushed some hair oit of your face and passionately kissed you. You smiled during the kiss and so did he. You looked really cute together!

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