Mysterious Death

Hi! I'm Abby. A normal teenage girl, 17 years old. I have one of the best boyfriends in the world, his name is Niall. He is funny, cute and adors his family and friends. We have been dating for 3 years years, did i mention that he is the Niall Horan from the band One Direction. Although he is famous and goes with the rest of the boys on tour a lot. We all are very close, when I said very close I mean spend almost every moment together. Since Niall is famous, I get tons of hate from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, ect. It all makes Niall and I closer than we ever can be! Everything was going great. until somthing chages everyones lives. no one knew what happen... only me.

Read to find out more! <3


5. Wondering

I have not done much.. not much I can do. Niall has been over to my house a lot to help my mom with the funeral and what not. I am starting to remember what had happen. I drank something from that party and it made me sick. I don't know 100 percent who came it to me though. I was thinking but nothing came. Niall.. my Niall is a mess...his cheeks are tear stained. Along with everyone else who knew me, I still am lost.. Shouldn't I have crossed over to Heaven.. Am I a bad soul.. What is happening?

My mom came up stair with the cop that could see me. "Yes mam. I just need to see if there are any clues to who could have done with to Abby. I will be done shortly." My mom left with tears in her eyes. The officer came to me. "Abby, I need your help. We can find out who did this with your help." I nodded. I never liked cops after they took my dad, I was only 7 at the time and never knew why till I was 10, he was a drugy. "Okay Abby, Im John... you can call me John or Mr. I know your smart. Just need to communicate with you." I nodded again, " How can you see me? " He shrugged. " I don't know. I guess its a gift. It comes in handy with cases like this." I laughed slightly. "What is this was an accident." He narrowed his eyes at me. " You and I both know this was no accident." I smiled flakily. "yeah true.." He got out his book and opened it, "Now can you tell me what happen? " I shrugged, " I don't know much. I went to a party with some friends and I was handed a drink, tasted weird but I didn't pay it much mind so I drank it all and I felt sick so I asked them if we could leave we did. She told me she was going to take me home but we passed my house. She told me she was getting my meds for a headache I would have in the morning. I passed out before we got to the store." John frowned. " You know that's when you died right? " I nodded. " I kinda figured that out John.." He nodded. "Sorry.. Do you know who handed you the drink." I shook my head. " Trying to think but I cant think. Im stuck wondering. Umm.. what killed me?" I asked trying not to cry. John looked at me sad like. " Ummm that weird tasting drink had bleach and some crushed pills in it." I cried. " I knew I shouldn't have drank it.." I looked at him. He put his head down and put his note pad away. "I'm sorry Abby.. Things like this happens to the best people. I will leave and see you soon." He got up and went to walk out. " Mr. John!!" He tuned around. "My funeral is in a few days.. I want you there.." He smiled, " I will be glad. See you then." He waved and left. I shook my head, I knew I shouldn't have had that drink.

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