Mysterious Death

Hi! I'm Abby. A normal teenage girl, 17 years old. I have one of the best boyfriends in the world, his name is Niall. He is funny, cute and adors his family and friends. We have been dating for 3 years years, did i mention that he is the Niall Horan from the band One Direction. Although he is famous and goes with the rest of the boys on tour a lot. We all are very close, when I said very close I mean spend almost every moment together. Since Niall is famous, I get tons of hate from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, ect. It all makes Niall and I closer than we ever can be! Everything was going great. until somthing chages everyones lives. no one knew what happen... only me.

Read to find out more! <3


4. Next Step

I looked up and saw the police coming up the stairs. I still couldn't believe I was... dead. I look over at Niall who hasnt stoped crying. The police walked over to everyone, "Okay Ms.Landall, We told you and Mr.Horan that we found the  car with Abby's body in it around 12:30." What the police said made everyone cry more, "We took her body to the hospitle to have test done, to see what the cause of death was,We came to the concludtion that Abby was poisioned. We found lost of Bleach and Pain killers in her system. The pills were crushed and the bleach was liquid. We suggest that maybe it was in somthing she had to drink." The officer paused and hit his partners shoulder, who was looking my direction hard. I waved a little and he had a slight smile and nodded. He could see me. "Mr. John! Can you finish?" the Officer hit his partner again, He stood up straight, "Yes.. Umm okay we found her cell phone in her pocket and looked through her text.. Mr.Horan we will need to speak to you, since you were then last to text her." Niall nodded and wiped his nose. "Okay.. everyone if you will please leave the room so I can question Mr.Horan, this wont take a minute."

Everyone pilled out and they shut and locked the door.The officer, lets just call him cop 1 and Mr.John, cop 2. Thats the easiest I can tell them apart. Cop 1 walked over to Niall who was still sitting on the bed and crouched down to him. "Look son, we don't exspect you did this cause your serious a wreak.. but do you know where Abby was?" He nodded, " Yeah she was out with some friends that she hasnt talked to in 3 years." He stoped and looked at the cop. "Okay do you know these 'friends' of hers?" He asked polightly. "I don't know them all, there were 4 girls and I only know two of them, One was named Lilly and the others name was i think, Alex. I met them when I walked Abby home from school yesterday." The cop nodded and wrote what he was saying in a book.

Mr.John, or cop 2, came over to me and stood next to me. " I'm guessing your Abby?" He asked very quetly. I nodded, "Yeah..." I trialed off. Cop 2 nodded, "What happen to you love?" I shrugged," I dont really remeber.. I'm trying to figure that out." He frowned. He followed my gaize to Naill. "Who is that lad talking to my partner?" I began to cry slightly. " That is my boyfriend.. or was.. We have been dating for 3 years." He nodded. " Thats lad looks similar to someone." I nodded and giggled slightly. " He is in a band... " He nodded, " I got it, One Direction." I nodded. " Yeah, Niall is his name, He and I were surpose to go out tonight, It would have 4 years next week." The cop looked at me. " We will find who did this, I promise." I nodded. I couldn't move for some reason. Mr.John went to walk away. " Wait.. " He turned around. " I think i know who did this." He came back slowly. " Who did this love? " I sighed. " My friends, Lilly or her full name is Lillian Gold, Alex Smith, Julian Gold, and Samantha Gill."  I looked down. The cop smiled. "Thank you love. you helped with your own case.

The cop and his partner walked away. Maybe I can help bring them to justice.. Kinda hard to do from your own grave. I walked over to Niall and sat next to him. He looked alarmed and looked beside him. I put my hand on his. He jumped but didnt move it. " I know your here Abby... I miss you already..." He broke down into tears, never seen him cry before. Everytime a tear fell my heart died. I put my lips close to his ear, "Nialler.. I love you." He cried more. " I love you too Abbs." he whispered and trailed off. I took my hand away and walking into the hallway to my mom. I gave her a kiss on her cheek. She pulled her hand up to her cheek and cried. "Abby, I love you." I smiled and whispered to her ear, " I love you too mom." I didn't wanna stay and watch people cry so I went down stairs, My dog CheChe was there.He whimpered and back away, He could see me too. I wonder hoe that cop could see me and understand me... I kept running that through my head.I walked outside and sat on the sidewalk, the sun didn't bother me anymore and my hunger left me.I now live the life or live the death life of a spirit, a lost spirit.

After about 10 minutes, Niall and the boys walked out, followed by Eleanor, Dani and Perrie. Niall is going home with the guys.. I didn't wanna follow. I walked back inside and went to my room and layed on my bed. CheChe joined me and layed at the end of the bed like she normaly would do. A few minutes later, my mom poked her head in. Her eyes are all red from crying and rubbing them. " CheChe, Abby is not coming home anymore. Come on" She held back tears saying that. CheChe looked back at me and whimpered then followed my mom. I don't know what to do now...


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