Mysterious Death

Hi! I'm Abby. A normal teenage girl, 17 years old. I have one of the best boyfriends in the world, his name is Niall. He is funny, cute and adors his family and friends. We have been dating for 3 years years, did i mention that he is the Niall Horan from the band One Direction. Although he is famous and goes with the rest of the boys on tour a lot. We all are very close, when I said very close I mean spend almost every moment together. Since Niall is famous, I get tons of hate from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, ect. It all makes Niall and I closer than we ever can be! Everything was going great. until somthing chages everyones lives. no one knew what happen... only me.

Read to find out more! <3


1. Lovelies

Niall and I were walking hand-in-hand from school, Niall doesn't go to school he graduated later year. I'm working on my junior year, being a senior next year. Niall always meets me after school lets out and walks me home. Niall makes me the happiest girl in the world, I don't know what I would do without him. He and I met and started dating my Freshamn year, he was Junior. I saw Niall staring at me as we walked to my house, I turned, " What?" I smiled, He looked at the ground and shrugged, " Nothing, its just your so beautiful, I can't get over it." I blushed and looked away smiling, " Thanks but personally I don't think i'm that pretty." He stoped walking, making me stop and turn,"Thats a lie Abby! Your the most beautiful person I have seen!No one can replace you!" I smiled to his face this time, He pulled me to him for a hug and a kiss. I really do love Niall.

We walked a little bit more, " Niall.. Why can't we just use your car?" I said complaining. He sighed and laughed at once, " Well your house is right there by the school." He smiled at me. I sighed as he pointed to the medium size home across the neighborhood. " Carry me!! " I said holding my arms out to him. Niall sighed but smiled and walked over to me. " Only for my princess!" He then picked me up bridel style and carried me home.

Niall set me down by the front door and we walked in,My mom waiting by the door. " Hey Abby, Niall. Care for afternoon treat?" She held out a tray of cady and sweets. I shook my head but being Niall, He took the whole tray. I hugged my mom then Niall and made our way up to my room. My mom trusted Niall and I being alone, even though we are never alone cause the boys are attached to us.

Niall and I layed on my bed and wached the telly. We turned it to MTV and watched Rediculousness. We couldnt stop laughing. After it was over we turned off the telly and layed there in silence for a little while. Niall broke the silence, " Abby? Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Do you see me?" I sat up with Niall and looked into his eyes, I grabbed his hand. " Yes, I see you in my future, I see you all over it," I laughed, "I can see us with maybe 2 kids, a big house,and maybe a dog. The whole dream anyone would dream of. What do you see? Do you see me?" I smiled as did he. "Yes. I see you in all my dreams, I can ever see you in my future, being my beautiful wife and the mother to our beautiful children." Niall smiled shyly. He leaned in for a kiss when the door flung open, causing bother of us to jump. "Hey Guys!! Abbys mom said you guys were up here!" Harry said yelling as the other follow behind him. " Hi!" Niall and I both said. 

Louis and Harry sat on bothe sides of Niall and Liam and Zayn sat on mine.Louis smiled, "Since the weekend is coming up, I was wondering.. Abby, would you hang with the other 1D girfriends, they miss you tons!" I smiled, " Maybe for a little bit, I have plans with my friends from school, Lilly, Sam, Alex,and Julian. I miss them a lot too!" I said smiling. Louis smiled ad typed away on his phone, texting Eleanor i am guessing. "So the girls are coming in this weekend?" Niall asked. Liam, Zayn, and Louis nodded, " Yep and they want to see Abby!!" Liam said poking my leg. I laughed at him. " Sorry!! I can fit them in before I leave Friday night." They all nodded again, Niall grabbed my hand, " Then you are mine for saturday, I wanna take you to dinner." He smiled making me smile. "Aweeee" is all you hear the guys say. " You guys are made for eachother." Liam said smiling. Louis agreed, " Yes!! Its time for you two to get married and have some babbiesss." I jumped, " No! Not now," I laughed awkwardly.

I wanted to getoff the topic of babies and marrige so I threw thwe remote at Harry, making the others fight for it cause they didn't wanna watch some cat show. I laughed as they messed up my bed, Zayn ended winning. We all ended up watching some channel that was selling tons and TONS of mirrors. I texted Lilly to see if we were still on for tomrrow, I have not hung out with them since Niall and I got together, been a while.

Sent to: Lillian: "Hey Lilly! It's Abby! Are we still on for tomorrow?"

Sent from: Lillian: "Yep!! I will pick you up and we will go partyin!! Gonna be pump!!"

Sent to: Lillian:  " Seems fun! Okay see you then! Bye Bye!

Sent from: Lillian: "Okay gurl! Bye!"

I put my phone on charge and snatched the remote from Zayn, I changed it to the show "Awkward", I think it was one of my most favorite shows ever!! We all watched it for a while till everyone had to leave besides Niall, even though he was about to leave as well. I gave him a tight hug, "Love you Nialler!" He smiled and hugged me back, " Love you too Abbs!" I looked up at him and gave him a quick kiss. I walked in down the stairs and outside. I stood at the door waving at him as he drove away.. Is it bad I miss him already and he hasnt left my street? I laughed at how pathestic I sound, closed the door and went to my room. I quickly changed into my PJ's andgot into bed. I turned on some music and fell sleep. I cant wait to see Eleanor, Perrie and Danielle, and to hang with my old Besties.


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