Mysterious Death

Hi! I'm Abby. A normal teenage girl, 17 years old. I have one of the best boyfriends in the world, his name is Niall. He is funny, cute and adors his family and friends. We have been dating for 3 years years, did i mention that he is the Niall Horan from the band One Direction. Although he is famous and goes with the rest of the boys on tour a lot. We all are very close, when I said very close I mean spend almost every moment together. Since Niall is famous, I get tons of hate from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, ect. It all makes Niall and I closer than we ever can be! Everything was going great. until somthing chages everyones lives. no one knew what happen... only me.

Read to find out more! <3


6. Funeral Day

I walked down my stairs and sighed. I looked around and saw Niall by the door, " Pam. I'm gonna go a head and meet you there." His voice was crokey. "Okay Niall, See you there." My mom shot around the corner. Niall left and my mom grabbed her purse, she looked in the mirror. "Why you leave Abigail." Her eyes teared up and she walked out the door and closed it behind her. I tried to open the door but My hand kept going through the handle. I squeezed my eyes shut and shoved my hand through the door, It went through. I opened on eye and then the other, I smiled and laughed slightly. "This is easy" I just walked right through the door and I was outside. I joined my mom in the front seat and sat there. This is really awkward to me. I imaged to listen to my favorite song. Intently the song was playing in my head. Hmm, this might be as bad. Mom stopped the car and got out, I followed. I walked to through the door and saw Eleanor in Lous arms in tears. Louis I could see a few tears run down his cheek. I walked over and tried to rub them away, " Its okay Lou, Eleanor. Its okay.. Everything will be fine." Eleanor looked up and looked around. " Louis, I'm hearing things. I dont like it." Lou shook his head, "You are not hearing things.. I heard it too.. It was like a very.. very soft whisper." Eleanor nodded. "No it cant be." I smiled and walked away. I couldnt find Niall in sight, And I have not seen that officer either. 

I walked out of that room and saw Perrie and Danielle. They were sitting in some chairs crying sighlently. I hated people sad. I walked into this one room, It was huge. I saw Niall and my mom by this box. It had to my casket. Niall was holdin back from balling into instint tears. My mom was standing beside him, rubbing his back. " I loved her.. so much. I know people say we were to young but they have not know that the past 4 years have been.. the best of my life. I know she loved me too and the next years of our life were surpose to be special." He sobbed. Niall stuck his hand in his pocket and pulled out a box and opened it, My mom looked at him. " That night we were going to go out.. I was wanting to propose to her.. She is my life. She will always be my life. There is no one better than Abby.." Niall closed the box and my mom placed her hand over Nialls. " Niall. She loved you very much and she would have said yes.. I would have given you permission since her dad cant." I teared up. My dad passed away in Twin Tower things. I dont remeber him and I dont know who he is, I just have a feeling that he would have liked Niall. I walked closer as Niall opened the box again, the ring was stunning. He slowly took the ring out of the box and placed it on my left ring finger. I cried. I could feel him toughing me. I could barley feel him, but I did. I walked away and sat in a car in the middle of the room. Niall smiled and sighed. " I cant look much longer.." He cracked. He walked over and sat next to me. I studied his features. The his was looking. He whispered, " I know your here Abby. I could since you no matter where. I can't see you..but I know your here. I can feel you.." I half smiled. I wiped my face, I went to place my hand over his and slightly grab it, or grab it as much as I could.. But he moved it. I got up and stood infront of him. I got on my kneed to where were were facing face to face. I kissed his cheek, got up and walked away to the enter door. I looked back at him and he was holding his cheek. He cried sighlently to himself. 

I zoned off into space for a few minutes till the door swong open. I covered my face and squealed. "Wait. It cant hurt me." I mentally hit myself and moved from behind the door. " Ms.Pam, Mr. Niall. Are you guys ready to let everyone in?" Niall nodded and stood up, "Yeah." He sighlently said my mom just nodded. Before I know it People came piling in, it was not crowded though. I saw Officer John walk in, " Pshhh." He turned around and smiled. I was sitting in a pair of chairs. He sat beside me and put his head down to cover his face. " Do you rember Anything else?" I shrugged. "Not really. I know faces and forgot names." He laughed. " I'm the same way." I nodded funny like. " So John... How old are you?" He shrugged,"23" My eyes widen, " Wow, your young." He nodded, " and a Newbie." I laughed, "Got it now." He lifted his head. I felt like somthing was coming so I kept staring at the door. I saw 2 girls come in. I studyed them. I knew them.. From school. I got it! It was Lilly and Alex. I looked at John. "John! Thats them. Lilly and Alex. I was with them when I died, and at the part Alex handed me a drink. It had to be them. " Are you sure?" I nodded. He wont to get up. "Hey! Sit your ass down! Hold your horses." He sat back down and I got up. I walked over to where they were standing, which was in the corner.

"Alex, go talk to him." Lilly hissed. "No. His girlfriend just died." Alaex hissed back. "I dont care, I helped you out, He is single now." I dropped my jaw. Alex looked at her. " Lillian! What the hell did you do?!" I shook my head. " I helped with your problem, You didnt like Abby cause you liked Niall. There you go. Abby WAS in the way." Alex teared up. " Lilly!! Now she isnt here at all! What were you thinking? You could have back stabbed her not KILL her! She was my best friend, I would have nevr hurt her!" Alex cried. Lilly smirked. " No.. you killed her. Thats drink you gave her.. It was poisned and you gave it to her to drink. YOU murdered YOUR 'Best Friend' " She used her fingers as quotations. I shook my head again. I didnt think they were up to somthing like this. " I.. I killed her.. Your a bitch Lilly. Leave me alone. I can turn you in" Alex went to leave but Lilly grabbed her wrist. I smiled. " What are going to saw. ' My freind Lilly poisned that drink and I gave it to her without knowing?' Like they will believe that. Its fend for ourselves now before the cops get a legit lead. In other words, Turn me in and we both go down, or turn me in and I will kill you. I will kill you if I think, you turned me in or I will kill you before you turn me in. Watch your back. 'Friend' " Alex wiped her face, ".. I gotta go. I'm going straight home." Alex snached her wrist back. Lilly stood there as John watched her, I walked back over to John all wide eyed. " What happen?" I sighed. "Lilly. Lilly admited she killed me. She told Alex, that girl that walked out, if she told then would kill her, even if she thinks she told someone, she will kill her nad even before she can tell. Lilly tricked her to giving me that drink." John sat there writing down everything. " You know Abby, Alex will be charged as well as Abby. Only cause we cant prove she was tricked." I nodded, " I know. But I heard it. Knowing Alex. She is in danger. In danger of being killed." He nodded. "Make sure Lilly isnt looking when you leave. It will trigger her to think Alex told a cop. AKA you." He nodded knowing what was going on.

Lilly walked over to Niall. " Hey sorry for you loss." He faked half smiled. "Thanks. I know you were a good friend and this was just a freak thing." She smiled. " I knoiw. I cant believe she is gone." Niall looked at her strange. " I gotta get home, My mom is sick and needs help getting around. So Sorry." at that Lilly was gone. Niall started thinking. I could tell. I wish I knew what he was thinking.


I wached Abbys friend, Lilly, walk away. She did not seem normal. She seemed as if somthing was up. I know Abbys death was planed, and planed well. I saw no tear stains on Lillys cheeks. I saw no pain in her eyes. She didn't care and you could tell... Why was she here? Could she be responible for Abby's death? I had so many thoughts running through my head, So much pain. I couldnt take it much longer. I am about to freak out. I sighed and watched everyones faces, all tear stained and shy. Abby I know does not like this, she cant stand to see people she loves and cares about. Abby was here tonight. She is always around me, I dont know if she really is but I can feel her. I just miss her so much.


I ran out of the funeral home and reached Alex, "Hey Ale.. Ms?" she shot around and froze. "Ye-Yes Off-Officer?" I sighed. " Hi i'm an officer in Abby's case and I know you two were friends. Can I speak with you, ask some questions?" She nodded. I walked her over near the trees. When we got there the funeral door slung open. "ALEX!!! ALEX!! WHERE ARE YOU! I KNOW YOUR HERE, I WAS YOUR RIDE." Alex jumped. "Hide me!!!" She was about to cry. We jumped behind the trees and crouched down. I know why we were hiding. Alex didnt know I had a clue. " Why are we hinding Ms.?" We stood up. "My name is Alex and My friend is nuts. She scares me." She fake smiled. Abby randomly appeared next to me and i jumped. "You okay Officer?" I nodded, "Yeah. I saw a bird.. I dont like birds.. Anyway. I'm officer John and Do you have any idea who could have murdered Abby?" Alex shook her head. "Not at all. Abby and I shifted a part since she started dating Niall.. We havnt really talked and if we did. It was for seconds so I dont know who she hung with" Alex seemed as if she was telling the truth. I look at Abby who was standing behind Alex. she shook her head. "She is lying John. She is scared and wont say a thing. Let her go." I nodded. " Okay Alex. Thats enough I guess. Nice meeting you and so sorry for your loss." She nodded. "Thanks." I walked off and Abby followed. "How are you going to prove Lilly and Alex did this?" I shrugged. "UI dont know Abby, Only the dead know about this secert. I'm gonna need a plan.. " Abby nodded as we got to my car. I really had no Idea what plan there was. " Need a ride?" I asked Abby. She was gone. " Abby?" I looked around but no where. " BOOO!!" I jumped and turned around. " Abby stop popping and scring me." She frowned playfully, "Sorry... and I dont need a ride, I learned i can pop into any room I want just by thinking about it and say, 'Pop!' " She did this hand motion when she said pop. I laughed. " i can see why Niall liked you. I gotta get back to my office but I will get back with you with a plan. Bye Abby." She waved and popped away. I needed to think of a plan now.


hI! This was a long chaper to type for me lol. Well im moving on Saturday and I wont have T.V or Internet for about 5 days to a week... So.. I cant write.. I'm sad about that. Been busy but yeah. Hope you enjoyed. Doesnt hurt to Favorite or like (; Bye!! 

~~ Jessibell~~


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