Mysterious Death

Hi! I'm Abby. A normal teenage girl, 17 years old. I have one of the best boyfriends in the world, his name is Niall. He is funny, cute and adors his family and friends. We have been dating for 3 years years, did i mention that he is the Niall Horan from the band One Direction. Although he is famous and goes with the rest of the boys on tour a lot. We all are very close, when I said very close I mean spend almost every moment together. Since Niall is famous, I get tons of hate from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, ect. It all makes Niall and I closer than we ever can be! Everything was going great. until somthing chages everyones lives. no one knew what happen... only me.

Read to find out more! <3


9. Dangerous Territory.

Abby P.O.V

The plan was to catch Lilly in the act of confessing, or just wait around for something to happen. Nothing really to do much anymore, I'm stuck. John told me there isn't much he can do for me anymore and that the others cops thinks he is a freak. He said e isn't affected by it, but as a ghost, I know a persons true feeling, he is affected by it.

Today I decided I wanted to pay a visit to Lilly and see what she was doing. I just sit on her couch and watch t.v with her. Alex doesn't come around anymore. Getting away with murder, yeah I wouldn't hang out with the person I committed a murder with, easier to get caught that way.

Lillian's doorbell rang and she groaned and opened the door, "Niall?" Niall? What?

Niall nodded, inviting himself in and looking around. "Pap's are on me and I needed somewhere to go." He's lying.  

Lilly nodded, "Yeah that's fine. Do you want something to drink?"

Niall shook his head, "I am fine, Thanks. I wanted to talk to you too."

Lilly froze in the kitchen, while Niall was in the living room. She sighed and grabbed a cold water out of the fridge. "Yeah, about what?"

Niall sat down, "Abby.. You and Alex were the last to see her. Do you know what happen?" Niall's face was pale.

Lilly's face didn't move. She just shook your head. "No. I honestly don't" Liar.

Niall nodded. "They found her in your car." He was getting heated.

Lilly sighed. "At the party she was heavy drinking. Guys were all over her. She had my keys. She was making out with one guy, he was sober and she must have handed him they left to get some where private. Alex and I went to leave and my car was gone. I thought she would have ended up home? I had no idea about her passing till the next afternoon. I felt so bad for not looking for her."  She started to 'Cry'

"LIAR!" I shouted. A picture on the wall of Alex, Lillian, and I  from freshmen year fell off the wall and shattered.

Lilly dropped her jaw and Niall jumped.

Niall shook his head. "She would never cheat on me. That's one thing I know, she would not do. Do you really think I will take bullshit of a story! I know you had something to do with her death. You and Alex did something to her!" He was outraged.

Lilly stood up. "You need to leave. Don't accuse me of something I didn't do."

Niall scuffed. "Scared you are going to get caught? Worried you will be blamed for murder? Because that is what you did. Murder!"

Lilly laughed. "Better be careful what you say to me. I can easily ruin your live to make it no more. Maybe I did kill Abby. You can't prove shit."

Niall shook his head. "Why? You took a 2 year olds mother away! You knew she had a daughter!"

Lilly smiled. "But you and Abby never actually took care of her. You both passed her off to hwer sister. Smart."

Niall shook his head. "It was best at the moment. Abby in school and me being on the road. I will prove you did this Lilly."

Lilly walked over to the door. "Just be careful what you do and say. I can now say your life is in danger. I have people. Trust no one."

Niall was scared. I could tell. Lilly is capable of anything she says. My new job is to be Niall guardian angel. His life is in serious danger. Next stop to follow Niall till I know he is safe. I followed Niall out and turned and saw Lillian getting on the phone. I rushed back to hear what she was saying.

She was crying, "Niall came by and threatened me. I'm scared baby. I don't know what to do. I'm so scared he is going to hurt me." there was silence. "Thank you so much babe." She hung up and began to laugh.

I popped back into Niall's car and tears down his face. "Abby, I wish you were here. I wish you could be with us. Our daughter needs you."

I wanted to cry but it was impossible. I can only feel anger that I am not with him. "I'm here baby. I'm here in your heart and right beside you."

He took his eyes off the road and looked next to him where I was. There was a car speeding fast toward us. "Niall!! Look out!!" He looked over, but it was too late. A car pounded into the car. knocking us between a pole and a tree. I prayed that Niall was okay. I didn't want to look. I popped out of the car and saw Lillian's boyfriend Donovan driving away. I looked over at Niall's car and it was totaled. The drivers side was completely done. There Niall was, barely breathing  if still breathing, blood everywhere. A car had stopped and a lady ran over and called 911.

"911! Please help. A hit and run just happened and someone is majorly injured. Barely breathing. We are at the corner of Anders and Waters drive! Please quick. I don't think the male can survive. Blood is everywhere and still losing."

Shouldn't I see him if he is dead? He is holding on. Niall is fighting. The ambulance and cops came to the scene and took Niall away. The cops talked to the lady who witnessed it. Another cop car showed up and John stepped out running the lady.

I showed up beside him and took in a sharp breath, "What happen?" He said but then looked at me. I pointed to myself and he nodded slightly.

"Niall visited Lillian an confronted her about what happen to me. She threatened him and told him his life in now in danger. He left but before he pulled off Lilly got on the phone with someone and said he threatened her and she was scared. She said thank you to whoever on the phone and I jumped in the car with Niall and I said something, making him look and the car hit him. I saw it was Donovan who hit him and drove away. Lilly's boyfriend."

John shook his head and walked away form the others back to his car. I got into the car with him and he grabbed his little radio and pretended to speak into, but talked to me. "He shouldn't have done that. This crash is one of the worst we have seen. He must have gone at least 100 to hit him that bad." 

I shrugged. "Is Niall going to be okay?"

John looked at me and I could tell he was about to lie. "I don't know." There it is. "He lost a lot of blood. Have you seen him?"

I shook my head. "Then Niall is fighting. He isn't over yet. If he keep on fighting he will be just fine."

I nodded. "What now?"

John sat back. "Can prove anything right now with anymore. It is a waiting game. See if NIall will make it."

I sighed. Niall has to make it for out daughter.


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